T-Mobile Extreme Playground

October 13, 2007
Berlin, Germany

World Cup Skateboarding invades Berlin!
by Dave Duncan

The comp was aired live on MTV Saturday night, so a very simple and easy format for the general public to understand was necessary. The format was set with a brutal 1 run head to head for both street and vert. With practice and qualifying for all riders on Friday immediate adaptation to the street course and vert ramp was the key ingredient for success. Despite the pressure of the 1 run format everyone seemed to be having a good time.

On the street course Germany's Alex Mizerov was victorious with a flawless run in a head to head battle in the final round for the win against 2nd place finisher Axel Cruysbergh from Belgium. Axel did enjoy celebrating his 13th birthday with a win on Friday to advance to the top 8 for Sat. Also advancing was Brazilian Tulio Oliveira who won the 3rd place matchup against USA's Dayne Brummet who ended up in 4th. Also skating good was UK's Tom Penny, Prague's Thomas Vintr, Berlin's switch master Lenny Burnmeister, Germany's Christian Krause who all tied for equal 5th do to the brackets of the heat format.

In the vert ramp Finals Andy Macdonald and Rune Glifberg also battled head to head. Andy's strategy of consistency and no falls runs filled with lots of 540's and flip tricks advanced him through all of the heats and earned him the #1 spot. Rune also won all heats with consistent but classic 'go for it' style of riding, which in the final seconds of his final run, a fall on a switch kickflip no grab to fakie attempt would have him finishing in the #2 spot.
It was Sandro Dias who had a few falls on Sat ended up in 4th, leaving PLG with his new 360 flip to mute grab to fakie to start a great solid ride filled with lots of flip tricks and 540's and a 3rd place finish. Other highlights were Berlin's very own Juergen Horrwarth's rolling into huge alley-oops, 540's over 2 meters (approx 8'), high airs, tail grabs, hurricane grinds, sugarcanes and smooth style. He was fun to watch. The tie for 5th place went to Aussie Renton Millar, USA's Neal Hendrix, Copenhagen's Nicky Guerrero and Germany's Sascha Mueller, who were also ripping.

Thanks to Schutzi of IOU Ramps for a great street course and Hans from GRamps for a good wide and solid vert ramp. Most riders used the roll-ins for the fast speedy airs to start their runs.

Bullet for my Valentine played live on Sat night with a fast and heavy set. The free beer parties were also a hit as always. It reminded me a little of the old Munster and Dortmund Championships, we had a fun crew. You definitely do not want to miss this one next year. Berlin is a fun city with lots to see and do, with a progressive skate, music and art scene.

Thanks to Ralf Middendorf and Lars from Nice Productions for bringing everyone together for another historical event in Germany. Also thanks to T-Mobile and a special thanks to Sony Ericsson (who hooked me up with a new cellphone. I need it). Thanks again to all involved, see ya next year or maybe sooner, D.D.