AST Dew Tour: Portland

August 16-19, 2007
Portland, OR

$144,900 Total Purse

by Matt Milligan

The third stop of the Dew Tour took place in beautiful Portland, Oregon. Portland has always been a hot spot for skateboarding and it showed from the enthusiasm the crowd gave these guys.

The street contest went off on a newly designed course that turned out to be the best set up of the year. Thanks to Charlie Wilkins for incorporating a wide variety of fun and functional obstacles. Chad Fernandez made his first appearance of the year and came out swinging, good quality ripping landed Chad into a 6th place finish. Fabrizio “The Breeze” Santos was on fire all week with a good assortment of tricks as well as a massive frontside flip that landed him onto a podium spot with a third place finish. It looked like Ryan Sheckler was going to be unbeatable this year but with a few to many falls in the final jam Sheckler had to settle for a second place finish. The man of the day was Greg Lutzka who was flat out killing it. Greg put together smooth and calculated runs and then went ape shit in the jams. Kickflip backlips and kickflip noseblunt slides helped Greg secure a first place finish.

The vert event was nothing short of spectacular, Bob Burnquist was looking good out there with big frontside 540’s and alley-opp switch lipslides Bob snagged the third place medal. Pierre-Luc Gagnon rolled into a massive kickflip melon grab and kept it going with 540’s, a 720 and various flip tricks to put him into the second place slot. Shaun White was going for his third straight Dew tour victory and he did it again with mind-boggling runs of epic proportions. Shaun had it going with overhead high 540’s, 720’s and heel flip variations that awarded him with the first place medal.

Thanks to the city of Portland for showing everyone a good time, thanks to the staff for running a smooth event and thanks to the skaters who always amaze me. I can’t wait till next year.