X Games 13

August 1-5, 2007
Los Angeles, CA

$453,000 Purse

X Games Vert Recap

by Matt Milligan

This year’s X-Games took place in sunny Los Angeles, California. With perfect weather all week long it provided an ideal atmosphere for some top notch skateboarding.

There was a legends vert demo before the action really started. Tony Hawk, Steve Caballero, Kevin Stabb, and others got to get their shred on, and showed everyone why these guys were once on the for front of vertical skating. Tony Hawk can do anything; he could easily still win contests if he wanted. Mike McGill still spins McTwists like he did in 1984. It was good to see all these guys out there ripping it up for the fans.

It took a little while for the guys to get going considering that everyone had a bail in their first run, but it wasn’t long before the ripping started. Bucky, Rune, and Bob all skated well but a couple of falls and some fierce competition left them off of the winner’s podium. At the young age of sixteen Alex Perelson proved that he did belong with the big dogs, with a smooth style and tailgrab 720’s, Alex landed into a well-deserved 4th place finish. Mathias Ringstrom snagged a bronze medal with a wide variety of flip tricks and 540’s. The silver medal went to Pierre-Luc Gagnon who put together unbelievable combos including multiple flip tricks, 540’s and a 720. When it came time for Shaun White’s third and final run he was sitting in sixth place, but the pressure didn’t seem to faze him. This guy is a trick machine rattling off move after move of some of the gnarliest tricks in the book. With eight foot high 540’s, 720’s, and back-to-back fakie 540’s both ways it was no surprise that he ended up in first place and took home the gold medal.

A special thanks goes out to the fans, staff, and especially the skaters for making this years X-Games an explosive event.

X Games Street Recap

by Mike Sinclair

X-Games 13 Street contest was the best live street skating I have ever witnessed in one sitting. Imagine going to three of the best demos of your life & that was went down during today's street final. Three different sections were sessioned for 15 minutes and the scores from each section were averaged together for the overall results. To do well in this years street final you had to dominate each section to come out on top.

Amazing stuff went down and some never been seen before tricks were witness today. The line up was Nick DomPierre, Andrew Reynolds, Eric Koston, Mark Appleyard, Paul Rodriguez, Tommy Sandoval, Ryan Sheckler, Jereme Rogers, Greg Lutzka and last years champ Chris Cole. This years final sounds more like a dream team than a contest line up.

After the first session ended Chris Cole was on top. Cole started out strong with plenty of hammers and some amazing tech stuff like a nollie cab heelflip over the chain into the bank.

The second session was dominated by Greg Lutzka. Greg pulled out a frontside 270 kickflip lipslide. Greg also pulled out more than a dozen difficult tricks to jump into the lead during the second session.

During the third session Nick Dom Pierre came out swinging and so did Tommy Sandoval. Tommy pulled a kickflip backside tailslide down the hubba and Nick pulled a kickflip krook on the gap to rail. In the end it was Lutzka and Cole going neck and neck. Cole sealed the deal with a 360 ollie kickflip.

The scores were close and all of the top 10 competitors could of easily won. In the end Chris Cole came out on top for the second year in a row.