Rockstar MASA Pro

June 16-17, 2007
Fayetteville, NC

This year's Masa pro took place in its new but permanent location. Fayetteville native Terry Grimble now has the best park in North Carolina and this weekend the Mega Skate Plaza in Fayetteville saw some of the best skateboard that NC has ever witnessed.

Terry opened the Mega Skate Plaza up with a bang. Paul Rodriguez, Billy Marks, Ronnie Creager, James Craig, Mike Peterson and last year's winner Jereme Rogers all showed up to The Mega Skate Plaza on Friday and didn't stop skating until the park closed on Sunday night. Team Pain built the course but locals like Jed and Chad Shooter helped design the amazing Mega Skate Plaza's course.

At the end of the weekend the top guys were Greg Lutska in first, Ronnie Creager came in second and Pete Eldridge placed third. If you live in the Mid Atlantic area the Mega Skate Plaza is worth the drive. Check out for more info.