Asian X Games


May 3-5, 2007
Shanghai, China

$100,000 Purse

by Matt Milligan

  We're not in Kansas anymore. Instead we just happen to be in the most populous country in the world, China. One might expect that being a communist nation might hold China back from things like having a massive action sports event. But times are changing and so is China. Shanghai just happened to be where this years Asian X Games took place. It is a massive urban jungle littered with skyscrapers as far as the eye can see. A city of eighteen million people, It is the largest economic and transportation center in China. Any city with this many inhabitants you would expect to be pure chaos, and it is chaotic but in a weird organized way. Everywhere you look people are scrambling around on foot, bikes, cars, and buses. There is great food here and a dollar will go farther than you'd expect. The suburbs of Shanghai also have the worlds biggest skate park. The SMP Park is so massive that it can probably be seen from space. With a wide variety of bowls, ledges, and banks, it will be the start of a new era of skateparks. Anyways lets get over to the contest.

The street course had all kinds of different obstacles that provided a wide variety of tricks and styles to be utilized on it. There were competitors from all over the world here to do battle on their board and that made for some top notch skateboarding all week. Some stand out performances came from Jirawat Pao-In who had smooth 360 flips and backside lip slides on lock, And Tetsuharu Sal from Japan was a crowd favorite with endless amounts of moves including miller flips and massive boneless' on the quarter pipe. Chun Yin Luk came through with nollie front boards on the flat bar and a nollie heel flip over the pyramid that put him into a well-deserved 4th place. Last year's champion Dayne Brummet put it all together and qualified in first place, but a few falls in the finals landed him in 3rd. 2nd place went to none other than Chris Senn who used every inch of the course with big transfers, feeble grinds across the flat bar, and gap to 5-0 on the hubba. Mohd Firdaus from Singapore took home the gold medal with a good mixture of flip tricks and gnarly transfers packed together into a smooth style.

The vert contest went off, I love to see the drive and determination that these guys put out there. It's almost like they are modern day Vikings all padded up and ready to kick some ass. Bob Burnquist was seen putting together some of the rawest lines, but bails in each of his final runs left him off the winners podium this year. Australian Trevor Ward had big front side 540's and switch boneless' as well as fakie to fakie 540's to finish up his runs into 4th place. One of the best styles in the business goes to Rune Glifberg who ended up in 3rd with back lips over the channel and cab heelflips. Sandro Dias won the crowd over with his ten foot 540's, kickflip Indy's, and multiple kicked Madonna's. But Andy Macdonald had the pose and confidence to walk away with the gold medal. Back to back 540's, a varial 540, and an assortment of flip tricks helped him into the top spot.

A big thanks goes out to the staff, organizers, and especially the skateboarders that made this year's event incredible. And to the one and only Lee Jay (The Asian pimp) who went out of his way to make sure that everyone had what they needed, Thanks Lee Jay. Shanghai will host the Asian X for the next two years so if you haven't been yet you might want to start planning on it.