Pro Tec Pool Party

logo.jpg Congrats to Rune Glifberg who has won the knock down, drag out, adrenaline fueled war 3 of the last 4 years to take home another $25,000! He ripped the pool under intense heated sessions filled with the usual crisscrossin' craziness to dazzle the crowd with stylish lines and a great trick selection including huge ollie tailgrabs, hip transfers, a backside tail slide through the square corner to shove-it out and a switch kick flip in the round bowl. Omar Hassan charged hard with solid fast lines on every inch of the entire pool, the hips and the shallow end. His big bag of burly tricks included lots of airs, grinds, slides, transfers. Also a switch 50-50 in the square corner, and a few different types of lipslide and tailslide roll in’s,  landing him in second place grabbing $15,000.

Bucky who has been working hard on a sick new bag of tricks impressed the crowd and the judges with his nollie flips, nollie flip madonna’s, f/s heelflip gay twists, Mctwist’s, frontside rodeo 540’s, backside tail slides and lipslides in the square corners also rolling away from some reverts. Lasek grabbed the 3rd place spot and took home his share of the Pro-Tec pie, a healthy $7, 500. Bob pulled some amazing spontaneous crazy rides including a backside smithgrind to revert through the square corner, hip transfer lines, frontside caballarials and tons of switch moves to take the #4 spot. Benji fought hard to take 5th with a wide variety of lines including an eggplant revert into switch carves and airs, disasters and hip transfers. Sergie Ventura had some new lines to help him rolll away with 6th, and made Combi Bowl history with the first ever transfer from square to round over the hip! Brazilian Brunno Passos skated strong all day to take 7th. The young teenage riders in the finals showed a promising future for pool skating with Josh Borden finishing 8th, Nolan Monroe 9th and Adam Taylor 10th. Our best wishes for a smooth recovery go out to the very young Morgan Burgess who had a great week until he broke his wrist during the comp.


In the Masters it was Chris Miller all the way for the 4th year in a row! Lots of big names were out with injuries this year including, Jeff Grosso, Lance Mountain and Steve Alba.  Miller's Combi attack gets stronger every year. His smooth and stylish lines ruled the burly jam sessions. He was blasting huge frontside hip transfers into the round, fastplants, lien crossbones,  alleyoop cab 5-0's, long lipslides and bluntslides. He even busted out the frontside over turned ollie to grind! He also had a new air transfer over the main square hip right into a backside lipslide over the other square hip. A line we've never even seen from the top pros! Steve Caballero won the longest Rock n Roll boardslide comp with 18 blocks (approx 36 feet) and immediately had to continue skating in the Masters final with strong enough endurance to grab the #2 spot with frontside inverts, stylish airs and liptricks. Nicky Guerrero from Denmark was in Shanghai China just 2 weeks before competing in the Asian XGames. He came right in a week early and figured out some great stylish lines to put him on the podium in 3rd alongside 2 great Skateboarding legends where he belongs. Two rulers of the original Upland Pipeline Combi Pool rounded out the top 5. Eric Nash charged his way into 4th with big backside ollies, indy airs and smithgrinds. Lester Kasai ripped his way to take 5th with fast lines airs and inverts! Pat Ngoho is getting better with age for 6th, and Steadham rode fast and solid with judo airs backside bonelessones to take 7th. Tony Mag (8th) had a bad collision with Buck Smith (9th) and his shoulder popped out twice in the finals. Ouch! Also unfortunately Ben Schroeder's (10th) ongoing back problems had him sitting out midway through the finals after some great rides in the prelims. I had one of the gnarliest slams in my life during the prelims on an acid drop off the main hip attempt. A move I had made every time all week long. I just got over amped to be skating in the same heat as the original Upland Combi Pool greats, Chris Miller, Lester Kasai, Micke Alba and Nicky Guerrero. Ahhh, It was just as fun the good old days!

In the Ladies division the 3 time reigning champ Carabeth got injured just days before the big comp so her good friend Mimi Knoop rolled right into the #1 spot with great lines and solid moves such as frontside inverts, frontside ollies and frontside nosegrinds. 15 year old Julie Kindstrand had speedy lines, hip transfer 50-50's and airs, charging her way into 2nd place. Lyn-Z Adams also rode strong enough to grab 3rd with Andrecht handplants and mute airs. 4th place went to a new 11 year old up ad comer Allysha Bergado of MontClair Ca who also won thursdays qualifier with good lines, hip transfers, inverts and frontside airs, Amelia Brodka has been coming on strong lately with solid lines, airs and a mean frontside standup 5-0 to take 5th.

Thanks again for another great year of shredding and good vibes to all involved. Thanks to Vans and Steve Van Doren and crew! Also thanks for keeping the Bar-B-Que going at every event! Thanks to ProTec, Rockstar Energy Drinks, Scion, Epiphone Guitars (the winners were all given a Les Paul Epiphone!), and Thrasher for the Blocks for Bucks RnR slide event. Thanks to Wahoo's for the great Taco plates for all! Thanks to all of the WCS staff and crew for a smooth running event, and the judges, Christian Hosoi, Steve Olson, Bryce Kanights, Owen Neider, Tom Curran and head judge Sasha Steinhorst for a difficult job well done. Also thanks to all of the hardcore fans lucky enough to get a ticket in, who always keep the energy up which keeps the skaters all fired up!

See you all at the next WCS event (or at the Iron Maiden show in Irvine May 30th)! Summer is just getting started, it was hot one all weekend! Keep on Rollin' tough even though you know you probably have a Big Slam waiting for you in your future! Rock on, D.D. 

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Place Name Hometown    Sponsors Purse
1 Rune Glifberg Copenhagen   DEN Flip Skateboards, Volcom, Etnies, Rockstar Energy Drink, Oakley, Ricta, Independent, Skull Candy, Utility Boardshop $25,000
2 Omar Hassan Costa Mesa CA USA Vans, Quiksilver, Black Label, Rockstar Energy Drink, Type-S Urethane $15,000
3 Bucky Lasek Baltimore MD USA Vans, Billabong, Element, Rockstar, ProTec, Independent, Type-S Urethane, Boneless Pads $7,500
4 Bob Burnquist Rio de Janeiro   BRA Flip, Hurley, IPath, Oakley, Toyota, Sambazon, Nixon $3,000
5 Benji Galloway North Augusta SC USA Bacon Skateboards, Kronik Energy, Ninja Bearings, Type-S & Spitfire flow $2,000
6 Sergie Ventura Virginia Beach VA USA Type-S Urethane, Rockstar, Hurley, Hosoi Skateboards, Etnies, Randoms $1,500
7 Bruno Passos Rio de Janiero   BRA Hurley International, Type-S, $1,000
8 Joshua Borden Orange CA USA Vans, Independent, Pro-Tec, Spy, Active, Type-S Urethane $700
9 Nolan Munroe Rindge NH USA Pioneers, Worship Skateboards, ProTec $500
10 Adam Taylor Cocoa Beach FL USA Timeline Skateboards, Steaz Energy, Triple 8,, 187 Pads $300
11 Tim Johnson St. Marys GA USA Bacon Skateboards, Steaz, Solidad Clothing, Kona, Type-S Urethane, Ninja Bearings, Vox (Flow), 187 Pads, Randoms  
11 Morgan Burgess Lebanon OH USA Volcom Flow, Alien Workshop Flow, Kronik Energy, Type-S Urethane, Ninja  
13 Lincoln Ueda Sao Paulo   BRA Hurley, Element Skateboards, Adio footwear, Rockstar, Type-S Urethane, Crail Trucks, Pro-Tec, Electric visuals, 1887 Pads  
13 Jimmy The Greek Marcus Clearwater FL USA Emergency, NSS, Kronik Energy, Bones, Ace Trucks, Lost, Goodtimes online, S.P.O.T. Party team  
13 Nolan Johnson Oceanside CA USA House of Kasai, Ace, S-One, Salonpas, Bones  
16 Jake Piasecki Hermosa Beach CA USA Sector 9, Skaterbuilt Wheels, Fury, Rocket Bearings, Famly, ProTec, South Bay Skates  
16 Rob Lorifice Carlsbad CA USA Vans, Gotcha, Rockstar, Type-S Urethane, S-one helmets, 187 Pads  
16 Josh Stafford San Diego CA USA Hurley, C1rca, Hanger 94, Silver Trucks, Plan B, Spy Optics  
19 Kris Reeves Huntington Beach CA USA Affiliated Clothing, Attic Sk8shop, Factoy Skateboards, ProTec  
19 Rion Linderman Portland OR USA Adio, Type-S Urethane, Kronik Energy, Acme Skateboards  
19 Darin Jenkins Carlsbad CA USA Gravity Skateboards, Tracker Trucks, Vans, Hurley, Freestyle Watches, Hurley  
22 Steve Reeves Medford OR USA Creature, Vox, INNES, Jack's Board House, Bones, Dakine  
22 Packy Fancher Virginia Beach VA USA Addikt Skateboards  
24 Michael O'Friel Silverdale WA USA Vans, Freestyle Watches, S-One, Imperial Motion Clothing, 187 Pads, Crashpads, Northern Wave




PlaceNameHometown   SponsorsPurse
1 Chris Miller Del Mar CA USA Stereo, Bones $10,000
2 Steve Caballero Campbell CA USA Powell, Vans, Sessions, Independent, Vestal, Autobahn Wheels, Skull Candy $6,000
3 Nicky Guerrero Copenhagen   DEN Alis, Vans, Eastpack, Tracker Trucks $3,000
4 Eric Nash Arcadia CA USA Jeff Grosso, Black Label $1,000
5 Lester Kasai Anaheim CA USA House of Kasai Skateboards, Hurley, Tracker Trucks, SCS, S-One, Bones Bearings, Attic, Beyond Costal, Asterisk, Khiro Bushings, Salonpas, Black Flys, So. Cal Skateshop, 187 Pads $500
6 Pat Ngoho Venice CA USA SMA, Independent, OJ, Hurley, Adidas $200
7 Steve Steadham Las Vegas NV USA Steadham Skate Ind., Hurley, Independent, Urban Footwear, S-One, Messiah, Skull Candy, 187 Pads, Powell, Ninja $200
8 Tony Mag San Diego CA USA H-Street, Osiris $200
9 Buck Smith Atlantic Beach FL USA Deck Crafters, Steaz $200
10 Ben Schroeder Monrovia CA USA Bones, Pocket Pistols, Navigator, Salonpas, Sessions, Pro Designed $200
11 Micke Alba Upland CA USA 187 Pads, Independent, Family, Spitfire, Vans  
11 Josh Nelson Encinitas CA USA Flip, Adio Shoes, Bones  
13 Lonny Hiramoto Santa Monica CA USA Madrid, Hosoi Wheels, Independent, Osiris, Salonpas  
13 Mike Barnes Orange CA USA  
13 Paul O'Hara Seabrook NH USA Pioneers Skateshop  
16 Dave Reul Huntington Beach CA USA Hurley, Independent, Spitfire, Draven, Rockstar, Ninja Bearings, Randoms, Toyota of HB, Johnny's Bar, Black Fly's, Skatanic Rednecks  
16 Mike Rogers Cocoa Beach FL USA, Hurley, Steaz, DC Shoes, 187 Pads, Bones Wheels, Cocoa Beach Skatepark  
16 Jason Parkes San Diego CA USA Factory Boards  
16 Geoff Fletcher Manly   AUS Cohort  
20 Dave Duncan Huntington Beach CA USA Daggers, Independent, Krew, Rockstar Energy Drink, DC Shoes, Bones, Black Flys, WCS  
20 Eddie Reategui Long Beach CA USA Daggers, Krew, Independent, Supra  


PlaceNameHometown   SponsorsPurse
1 Mimi Knoop Chesapeake VA USA Nikita, Nixon,, Hoopla, Bones, Mech Grip, 187 $4,000
2 Julie Kindstrand Santa Ana CA USA Pocket Pistols Skateboards, Attic Skateshop, Adio Shoes, 187 Pads, S-One helmets, Madrid Fly Paper, Volcom, Bones Wheel flow, Indy Trucks Flow $2,500
3 Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Cardiff by the Sea CA USA Volcom, Nixon, Oakley, Birdhouse, K-5 boardshop, Kicker, Type-S Urethane, Mechgrip $1,000
4 Allysha Bergado Montclair CA USA Osiris Shoes, Termite Skateboards, Sk8Grl, 187 Pads, Viking Helmets, Grind King, Black Flys (Flow) $650
5 Amelia Brodka Linden NJ USA Rye Airfield, Osiris, Scarecrow Skateboards, Gould Academy, Friend of Red Bull $350
6 Elise Dabby Del Mar CA USA Friend of Oakley $100
7 Holly Lyons Walnut Creek CA USA SK8Grl,, CG Decks, Etnies, Nixon, B4BC, Guayaki, Manitoka Harvest, Sweenie $100
8 Lea Taylor Cocoa Beach FL USA Timeline, Steaz, Sk8Grl, 187 $100
9 Cressey Rice Phoenix AZ USA Kronik Energy, The Griswolds, Black Label flow, Autobahn flow, Independent flow, Security team (Tyler & Adam) $100
10 Heidi Fitzgerald Arlington TX USA Kronik Energy, Autobahn, Randoms, Independent, Black Label flow $100


Thrasher Mag's Longest Boardslide
1. Steve Caballero    18 Blocks $1800
2. Eddie Reategui     15 1/4 Blocks
2. Steve Steadham   15 1/4 Blocks
1 Block = 2 feet
1 Block = $100
Winner takes all!