2014 World Bowl Rankings Explained

World Cup Skateboarding is excited to have been a major contributor in the growth of Bowl/Park skateboarding over the past 21 years and will continue to develop and support Bowl skateboarding around the world.

New for 2014:

Skateboarding in 2014 is a different world from when WCS started 21 years ago in 1994, when WCS was the only International Skateboarding Events Organizing Body in the world.  All these years, we have also been the only organization to keep worldwide rankings for skateboarding, with Ed Templeton being announced as the first WCS Street World Champion in 1995. In 2004, the first year we incorporated Bowl Rankings, Benjie Galloway was the Pro Champion, Mike Sanders, the Masters Champion and Heidi Fitzgerald the Girls Champion.  Today there are numerous International Event Companies that any sponsor, promoter or group can hire. Some are full on Corporate owned events companies and some are core skater owned based operations. All have proved to produce top level quality skateboarding competitions. We applaud everyone world wide that has made a commitment to showcasing skateboarding and wish everyone a great new year! In plain English, there’s a lot going out there and the pro skater of today has so many choices or opportunities to decide on.

WCS has adopted a new rule in that any major skateboarding competition with the attendance of any 5* of the top 10 WCS Ranked skaters from 2013, will receive WCS points and be included in the WCS World Rankings.  As the original Skateboarding Sanctioning Body and first to establish and a ranking system for skateboarding, we look forward to supporting the skaters in their freedom to skate any competition of their choice.  We feel this new rule will enhance and make the WCS World Rankings more viable and stronger. Applies to Pro and Masters!  

WCS Sanctioned events will receive double points.

WCS top 10 for 2013:


  1. Pedro Barros – Brazil  
  2. Josh Rodriguez – USA
  3. Alex Sorgente – USA
  4. Rune Glifberg – Denmark
  5. Omar Hassan – USA
  6. Bucky Lasek – USA
  7. Greyson Fletcher – USA
  8. Felipe Foguinho – Brazil
  9. Josh Stafford – USA
  10. Sky Siljeg – USA


  1. Steve Caballero - USA    
  2. Lester Kasai - USA
  3. Pat Ngoho - USA
  4. Eddie Elguera - USA
  5. Sergie Ventura – USA
  6. Mike McGill - USA
  7. Nicky Guerrero - Denmark
  8. Christian Hosoi - USA
  9. Sean Goff - UK
  10. Jeff Grosso - USA

We have dropped the Tier System used last year and adopted the rule above, believing that it’s not the size of the Prize Money that makes the event important, but who is skating. We tried it and discovered the Tier System is too complicated; no one cares to keeps track or direct their attentions because an event is a Tier 1 or 2. They either want skate or they don’t for whatever reasons and honestly keeping track of points was basically a fucking nightmare! Tier System RIP!

For 2014, a skater must participate in 2 WCS Sanctioned events. We are happy to announce our Pro and Masters Bowl Events, at the end of the season using 1 event over half of the total bowl events to  count for final World Ranking.

Pro – 16 years of age and older or a skater under 16 that has been turned pro by his sponsor.
Masters – 40 years of age and older

*    Does not apply to ISU events 2014