2014 World Cup Skateboarding Moscow Results

WCS Moscow2014 DaveBachinski bsTailslideWCS – Moscow, Russia
By: Martin Karas

The capital city of Moscow, Russia was the place where the WCS event took place at the end of October 2014 in Luzniky indoor hall. The team from IOU ramps did a great job again creating a fine and all around street course to host the best skateboarders from Russia, France, Slovenia, Finland Brazil, USA, Japan and Slovakia!!

For the local riders there was a pre-qualification going on before the official qualification. From pre-qualification the best 10 skaters out of 65 riders made it to join the established Russian and qualified skaters + all the international riders entering the event. The best of them were David Gaziev who cruised the whole park and did tricks like frontside rock on the biggest transition. Vadim Romancev made it too with a mix of lipslides, nollies and backside smithgrinds on all obstacles. A surprise for me was a young street ripper Serafim Illarionov. You could see that this guy kills it on the streets!! He did a super clean tailslide to fakie first try on the biggest rail in his run, backside heelflip over gap and top it off with a smooth fontside feeble grind on the big rail.

Qualification offered a great mix of 45 international and local riders in the park.  All of them were skating really good in the 3 minute jams with 3 riders in it.  Richard Tury from Slovakia had a great run with flip-in tricks to grinds and slides on rails and hubbas which secured him the place in upcoming Semifinals.  Timotej Lampe Ignijic from Slovenia was killing the big rail with various tricks like salad grind, Suski grind or nice frontside big-spin. Representing the balcan skateboarding scene with style!! Dima Dvoinishnikov from Russia had a good run too with mix of 360flips and other tricks all over the park. This guy has style and good selection of tricks.  Benjamin Garcia from France killed the whole park with huge and clean tricks like frontside bluntslides on rail, backside lipslide and huge 360 flip from the launch ramp.

Semifinals were a great show for all the people who came to support the riders! Maxim Kruglov was killing it with his signature hardflips, 360 flips and backside smithgrinds on rails. Samu Karvonen had a great run with all kind of tricks, demonstrating the he is a big all around skater with boardcontrol.  Egor Kaldikov, local ripper exceptional, was performing tricks that you don’t see that often with a grace and ease like this. No comply 270 over gap, switch hardflip down the launch ramp, nollie crooked nollie flip out and the switch frontside boardslide on the biggest rail. Hope we will see more from this guy in the future!! Ryo Sejiri from Japan was killing the big rails and hubbas with swich 5050 grinds and clean frontside bluntslides to fakie.  Diego Fiorese from Brazil was all over the park with huge tricks like Ollie drop into the transition from the big platform or switch heelflips over gap.

Only 6 best riders made it to the finals!! The winner of the Qualification Kostia Kobanov from Russia was killing it with flip tricks to backside 5-0s and backside smithgrinds on hubbas. Great skateboarding from the young ripper! Dave Bachinsky from USA was killing it all dayl long with the mix of super tech tricks in transitions and frontside flipping the gaps and backtailsliding hubbas. Dave killed it!! Kelvin Hoefler from Brazil was the king of the mix of technical and gnarly tricks! Switch backside tailslide on hubba, cabalerial backlip on rail and beautiful backside overcrook on the biggest rail amond other gnarly tricks put him on the sweet second place!! The win went to local ripper and a gnarly skateboarder Egor Golubev. This guy has it all = technical tricks like nollie backside heelflip 360, backside lipslide on the biggest rail, Ollie in from the high platform or blunt kickflip out on the big transition. Put all this in one run with no bails and you will get a well deserved winner of the competition!! Congratulations EGOR!! Well deserved!

After the event was over the whole crew went to celebrate to local club Slavjanka and tasted some local good food and drink the sweet  BelugaVodka and dance to some fine tunes from top DJ’s with beautiful Moscow girls all around the dancefloor.

Big thank you for the good times in Moscow and for a great event goes to: Alexander P. and Vitaliy Kotov for making this all happen, Andreas Schutzenger from IOU Ramps for creating an original and high quality street course,  the WCS judge Oli Buergin and local judges Sasha Bizukov, Vasya Sysoev and Kyril Korobkov for doing a great and fair job!! Thank you to all people from the organization team and all the security staff of the Luzniky stadium for being nice and cool to us!!

Mostly I would like to say thank you to all the riders, fans and media people who came to watch and support this great event in Moscow. Thank you and we will be back next year!!

WCS – Connecting the world with skateboarding!!


1 Egor Golubev Russia
2 Kelvin Hoefler Brazil
3 Dave Bachinski United States
4 Richard Tury Slovakia
5 Kostia Kabanov Russia
6 Dima Dvoinishnikov Russia
7 Ben Garcia France
8 Ryo Sejiri Japan
9 Samu Karvonen Finland
10 Egor Kaldikov Russia
11 Diego Fiorese Brazil
12 Maksim Kruglov Russia
13 Dima Rodionov Russia
14 Gosha Konyshev Russia
15 Gena Kakusha Russia
16 Tolia Titaev Russia
17 Timotej Lampe Slovenija
18 Mikki Tahtinen Finland
19 Sasha Sedov Russia
20 Misha Poponin Russia
21 Dmitry Bravichev Russia
22 Katya Shengelia Russia
23 Vasiliy Nesmelov Russia
24 Eduard Nolivayko Russia
25 David Gaziev Russia
26 Pavel Mushkin Russia
27 Boris Oleinikov Russia
28 Dima Shatalov Russia
29 Serafim Illarionov Russia
30 Roma Alimov Russia
31 Vadim Romancev Russia
32 Sasha Ribakov Russia
33 Ron Modig Finland
34 Vladimir Pavlov Russia
35 Georgiy Sudarikov Russia
36 Denis Uzefovich Russia
37 Maksim Lukichev Russia
38 Alexey Krasniy Russia
39 Maksim Osipov Russia
40 Semen Kutuzov Russia
41 Roma Ivanov Russia
42 Sasha Kolbincev Russia
43 Alexey Meleshko Russia
44 Mitya Neplohov Russia
45 Valery Doganadze Russia
46 Oleg Koziavkin Russia