2014 Rocky Mountain Rampage Results

evanThe 3rd annual 2014 Rocky Mountain Rampage skate event in Colorado Springs was a fun filled weekend!

Saturday we had the vert comp with Evan Doherty Stealing the show by pulling off his first 900! Sunday was the BBQ Bowl Jam Charity Event which was a fun filled day of concrete craziness!

Congratulations to all of the winners, and a big thanks to the skaters who travelled to Colorado Springs from four continents, many states and all corners of Colorado. Everyone who came out had a great time and saw some amazing skating and got hang out with a really fun crew! Everyone I talked to said that this was the best year ever! So with that we look forward to next year being even bigger and better!

Thank you to all who donated non-perishable food for Sk8-Strong to give to the Springs Rescue Mission. Thanks to the sponsors without whom this amazing event would not have happened. And extra special thanks to the amazing volunteers, who are the power that kept Sk8-Strong event going!!! Also a big thanks to DJ Landry for rockin' the tunes at the comp, and at the after party! Stay tuned for more skate comp highlights and photos coming soon on the WCS site!

Ride on, D.D.



Masters Open Vert Results

1st Mike McGill
2nd Jed Fuller
3rd Cory Thornhill
4th Tommy Leggett
5th Mike Kelly
6th Peter Furnee
7th Bob Ehlers
8 Donny Diedrich

Mens Open Vert Results

1st Andy Macdonald
2nd Jono Schwan
3rd Moto Shibata
4th Jeromy Green
5th Josh Rodriguez
6th Charlie Martin
7th Tony Marle
8th Shea Donovan
9th Bryce Stark

Junior Vert Results

1st Evan Doherty
2nd Mats Hatlem
3rd Luke Russell
4th Tate Carew
5th Reid Watson

Groms Bowl Results

1st Luke Russell Australia
2nd Evan Doherty USA
3rd Tate Carew USA

Womens Bowl results

1st Julz Lynn
2nd Spencer Breaux
3rd Sarah Thompson

Masters Bowl Results

1st Mike McGill
2nd Jed Fuller
3rd Chris Patton

Mens Bowl Results

1st Charlie Martin
2nd Andy MacDonald
3rd Tony Marle

Longest Grind

Mens Winner

Andy MacDonald
19 Blocks

Womens Winner

Julz Lynn
7 blocks

Highest Air in the Bowl

3 way tie 8'
Bryce Stark, Jeromy Green, Evan Doherty

Best Trick Winners

Josh Rodriguez- Frontside Rock n Roll boardslide to revert in to fakie

Josh Corbin- Invert up to 4' high crowd barrier

Mike McGill- Bluntslide through the corner


Slalom Race in the Flow park

Winner- Andy MacDonald