2014 Arnette-O´Marisquino Results

The 14th annual Arnette O'Marisquino was a huge success!

WCS SPAIN 2014 hugeThis huge event and festival started as a small local grassroots skate event in the beautiful port city of Vigo Spain With the passion of the promoters, staff and crew, it has grown into the city's biggest world class event! It is a great European style summer festival, with non stop action all day, Live Rock music after parties, then dinner around 11 or 12 midnight, and then we continued celebrating at the official late night parties til 6am!! The guys contacted me several years ago to get World Cup Skateboarding involved, but we always had conflicting dates. Finally in 2014 WCS was proud to help make it the biggest and best year ever! Thursday and Friday the skaters arrived and saw the massive street course. It was well designed and built, giving many obstacles and options for all styles of skating. Those first few days the skaters had some great sessions. It rained late Friday, so we had to run over 100 skaters in a qualifier on Saturday. We loved the Spanish style skaters, and the jam formats they had used the years before, so we decided to keep it fun and let 3 skaters jam all over the course for 3 minutes. Congratulations to Scott Decenzo for his amazing skating, (much of it was switch), which earned him the #1 qualifying spot. We took the top 24 scores, and made 8 heats of 3 skaters for 5 minutes on Sunday and the crazy Spanish fans saw one of the best finals on the WCS tour this year! The day started with the ladies, and they were all looking good during a short intro run, and then they all ripped hard for over 5  minutes in a Jam style session! Congratulations to Pamela Rosa from Brazil for her big win! All of the girls were awarded amazing Independent truck plaques as a trophy!

Everyone of the skaters in the finals steeped up their skating for the finals. They were all doing tricks that I did not see them do in days before! Congratulations to last years winner, Danny Leon from Spain for skating hard and qualifying in 4th on Sat, but ended up in 5th on Sunday. 4th place went to the powerful skating of Benjamin Garcia from France. He has been top 5 in most of his WCS comps these last few months. 3rd went to the 19 year old Jorge Simoes from Portugal. Everyone told me to look out for him, and they were right! He ripped his way in a hard fought battle to a spot on the WCS podium! 2nd went to 17 year old Ryo Sejiri from Japan. We was the winner of the Mystic Cup in Prague last year, and has continued to podium in most of the WCS events he enters. A big congratulations to the winner Kelvin Hoffler! He qualified 2nd on Saturday, but came out and stepped his game up big for the Finals! Making many difficult tricks first try! Onto the rails he did kickflip crooks, switch bluntslide, 360 to frontside lipslide, full Cab to lipslide, and many more. He also made a kickflip to backside talilslide on the hubba and a kickflip over the grass gap to frontside lipslide down the rail. He ripped hard! Everyone who was there all witnessed top notch world class skating! A huge success! GoPro cameras, SkullCandy headphones, G Shock watches, custom event skate decks, and cash money were given to the winners. Speaking of Cash money, we gave out 500 Euros after the event to the best tricks! Congratulations to all of those cash money winners!

A special Thanks to event promoters Pity and Rami for their years of passion, dedication and commitment to making this a great event year after year! Hats off to them and their entire staff and crew. Everyone was such a pleasure to work with, everyone eager to lend a hand and do a great job! Well done crew! Also thanks to Joe and the Arnette crew for bringing Scott Decenzo from Canada, Pat Duffy (he skated great and made the cut for Sunday!) also Sierra Fellers and Willy Santos, , they all were also great to work with! Also a big thanks to everyone of our judges and computer crew! I look forward to seeing you all again next year!

Remember to check the hashtags; #aomxiv #WCSK8, #OMarisquino, #livearnette, #arnette, for lots of amazing photos on instagram and Facebook!

From the entire WCS crew we Thank you all! Great job!

Rock on, D.D.
Dave Duncan

Rank Name Age From Sponsors
1 Kelvin Hoffler Rodrigues 20 Brazil Rockstar Energy, Theeve trucks, Hype Skateboards, Qix
2 Ryo Sejiri 17 Tokyo, Japan Redbull, Element, Murasaki sports, Emerica, G_shock, Oakley, Ninja Dakine, Autobahn, Skullcandy, Bro Style
3 Jorge Simoes 19 Porto DC Shoes, Independet, Monster, Kate, Mosaic, Sauljah Grips
4 García "Ben" Benjamín 21 France DC-Shoes, Jart Skateboards, Kryps, Freegun, Nectar, Relax Sk8shop
5 Danny Leon 19 Móstoles, Spain Redbull Arnette Gshock Element Globe
6 Scott "Scooter" Decenzo 24 Huntington Cal, Canada Plan b, Indy, RDS, Kicker, Arnette, Bones
7 Christian "Babuin" Estrada 20 Colombia Madrid BDSkateboardco, Asphalt
8 Adrian García Cárceles 22 Murcia, Spain Adidas, Santa Cruz, Independent, Ricta, MOB
9 Cristian Sánchez 27 Barcelona Arnette, Converse, Reell, Antidot, Krux, Ricta
10 Carlos Neira Ucles 21 Sevilla, Spain Converse, JART, Spitfire, Thunder, Truhán
11 Edgar Omar "Pulga" Caravantes Parraga 22 Guadalajara, México RedBull, Casta, Zenit Skateboards, Vulkan trucks
12 Cristian Vanela 27 Barcelona Plan B, Rufus Shop
13 Joan "Joanet" Galceran Montoro 22 Barcelona Nomad, LRG, Skullcandy, Spitfire, Thunder, Bones
14 Ignacio "Nachete" Morata 28 Cadiz, San Fdo. Vazva, Vans, Orion Trucks, Souljah Griptape, Streetlife Skateshop
15 Daniel Delgado Bermudez 24 Espluges de Llobregat Flip, Indy, Ricta, LRG, Skullcandy, Emerica
16 Cristian Delgado Alos 19 Badía del Vallés, Barcelona First Dame Clothing, Slider Skateshop, Mini Logo
17 Marcos Rey 20 A coruña Vazva, Plaza
18 Diego Cano 24 Madrid Globoeurope, Burn, Imaginaskateboards, The Hundreds, Destructo, Welcomeshop
19 Marlon Vozmediano Paredes 24 Girona, Spain LRG, ELT SK8SHOP
20 Pat Duffy 40 California Plan B, Arnette
21 Christian Calderón 25 Madrid Lakai Footwear, Royal Trucks, Girl Skateboards, Sk8land Skateshop, Now Distribution.
22 Nuno Cardoso 23 Porto DC, LRG, Kate, Plan B, Armonia, Anchor
23 Sergio Sánchez Gil 19 Almonadi ( Alicante ) BDSkateCo, Armonia Wheels, BD Skate Shop
24 Fries Taillieu 25 Ghent Belgian Arnette, Destructo, SBQ, Toymachine, Globe Eli
25 Hector "Chetos" Heredia Martín 25 San Sebastián, Spain DNA
26 Gustavo Geraldo 21 Brasil, San Paulo Jump up, Guettoskates, Forward footwear, singles
27 Pedro de Abreu 19 Braga, Portugal Nomad Skateboards, Haze wheels, Sauljah Grips
28 Pedro Fangueiro 17 Povoa de Varzim, Portugal Emerica, Sweet Sktbs
29 Rafa Cort 17 Madrid, Spain Wellcome Skateshop
30 Daniel Jenks 18 Santcugat Grimey, Tensor, Tomy win
31 Cristobal Gordillo Hernandez 21 Santander All you need, PFA, Lifeskatepark
32 Sergio "Jeffrey" Luque bosquet 35 Cordoba Nomad, Etnies, Street Life skate shop
33 Pedro Machado 20 Porto, Portugal Skinii, Guilty
34 Luis Neto 19 Santa Catarina, Brazil Monster Energy Drink, Qix International, Alfa Grip, Bang Skateshop
35 Bruno López Carrera 21 París Nueva Era Shop
36 David "Cegun" Gegundez Muñiz 26 Madrid Lakai , Canollokrew,Dangshades,Concretefields , Maplesk8 , Samyroad , Modigbror
37 Denis Cuerdo García 20 Marín, Pontevedra Spot Skate Shop, Plazaskateboards, Lakai (now), blurs
38 Nacho "Nachito" Santalla 20 Ferrol Vazva
39 Javier "Suly" Soilan Sanchez 18 A Coruña Other
40 Dani Romila 20 Madrid Sk8land Madrid
41 Gabriel "Gabi" Guerrero del Olmo 25 Lleida, Catalunya La doce vita shop (Zgz)
42 Alber Gil Sánchez 25 Sabadell ( BCN ) Slider Shop, Sports 2002
43 Pedro Silva 18 Portugal -
44 Joao Abreu 21 Santo Tirso, Portugal Collective Skateshop, Guilty68, VOX
45 Javier "Mini" Jesús García Carmona 17 Plasencia Iseal clothing, the limits shop
46 Roberto "Robert Pnk" Fernandez Molanes 26 Cangas, Vigo LOLOS
47 Ricardo "Vorat" Cristina Ortiz 18 Arges -
48 Jerson Duque Pérez 27 Colombia (Albacete, Spain) Nueva Era Shop
49 Joao Oliveira 18 Povoa de Varzim, Portugal -
50 Jordan Zapa Martinez 16 Barcelona Freeskate Shop
51 Andrés "Pay" Alvarez 35 Vigo NOW, Novalvos
52 Remato Moreira 15 Porto Collective Skateshop
53 Wilson de Campos Soares 18 Vilagarcía city -
54 Alex "Bomby" Vázquez Comesaña 21 Vigo Novalbos, Caramba Company (Bcn), Creaturefiends.
55 Fernando "Bolita" Andés Velasco 18 Madrid Lacalle clothing, Customizartesk8 Shop, Armonia wheels (flow)
56 Jesús "Calatraba" Cabaleiro Casal 16 Vigo -
57 Victor Valencia Torres 16 Tenerife ID Skateboards Soulgrind
58 Alex Cuchi 24 Vigo Vazva SB / Machete Company
59 Carlos "Carlitos" Ferreira 22 Povoa de Varzim, Portugal -
60 Feroze Rahman 23 Singapore VANS, Stance Socks, Sotong Skateboards
61 Hugo "Musgo" Franco Abril 18 vigo -
62 Jacobo "Pochi" Poceiro 16 Vigo -
63 Francisco Jesús "Chanchy" Rodríguez Manzano 28 Adra, Almería Surfergalaxy
64 Imán "Boneles" Martinez Santos 20 A coruña -
65 Antonio "Tone" Fuato 21 Alemã -
66 Pablo "Ferrin" Garcia Garcia 14 villagarcia de arosa -
67 Josue "Jesu" García Pende 18 Pravia, Asturias Ride outlet
68 Raul "Pipita" Mateus Granados 24 Barcelona Impact Sevilla, Truhán Company, BD Skateboards
69 Dario Sanz 16 Valladolid New Era
70 Dimitri "Dima" Sanmartín Otero 15 Santiago -
71 Carlos "Kano" Rodriguez Barbero 17 toledo -
72 Julián Costas Ferreiro 15 Vigo, Pontevedra Good Style
73 Joni Galmán Guerra 17 Pontevedra -
74 Paulo "Maranha" Fernando Maranha 19 Esposende, Portugal Roska Skate Crew
75 Guillermo "Beagelmo" De Oleaga Pont 20 Bilbao Fuck skateshop
76 Jorge "Chopelas" Rodríguez Álvarez 18 Vigo Novalvos
77 Cesar "Broooo" Lima 23 Povoa de Varzim -
78 jorge "Mini Moske" Mosquera vales 9 Coruña carambacompany / Unfollow
79 Damián Ferreira Vicente 17 Vilagarcía de Arousa -
80 Guille Amago Noval 17 Oviedo, Asturias  
81 Bruno "Rhone" Torreiro Mosteiro 20 Villagarcía de Arosa -
82 Carlos Manuel Flor da Costa 18 Porto In your spirit sk8 shop
83 Krystian Malczuk 19 Mostoles, Madrid Too Zhink, Rustik Soul.
84 Pablo "Moske" Mosquera Vales 15 La Coruña Carambacompany / Unfollow
85 Lael Leandro 14 Brasil Goostyle
86 Diogo "Sonela" Miranda 20 Porto, Portugal Skate Shit
87 Pablo Miranda Villanueva 15 Bueu Senda y mar
88 Sergio Acuña Lorenzo 16 vigo -
89 Pedro Martínez Martínez 27 Barcelona Shou't
90 Paulo Pinho Nitro 28 Porto -
91 Sebastian "Sebas" García Clavijo 17 Madrid Wellcome Skateshop
92 Aarón "Moro Boy" Fernandez 18 Santiago -
93 Gabriel Salazar Lázaro 9 Madrid -
94 Urko "Poker" Garagarza 16 España -
95 Jean "Yan" Michell Roces Mejia 13 Avilés (Asturias) RIDA Outlet Sk8 & HipSHop
96 Jorge Suárez Cerdeira 15 Vigo -
97 Rafael Gonzalez de Alvear 16 Aranjuez  
98 Marcos Ponce Regojo 15 Úbeda -
99 Pablo "Mantequilla" Garcia Gonzalez 20 torrejon de ardoz -
100 Abel "Belgar" Garcia Estevez 15 bueu (pontevedra) -
101 Abraham Rodriguez Gonzalez 20 Vigo Novalbos Wave Co.
102 Oscar "Oscarillo" Gómez Poza 14 Vigo -
103 Duarte "Duarte" López Rodríguez 16 Vigo Novalvos
104 Tomás "Neiz" García 23 Torrejón de Ardo, Madrid Garú Diseño
105 Jacobo Piñeiro Ansede 21 Lugo, Madrid -
106 Uriel "BXYZ" Martínez D 19 (Lives in Vigo) Mexico Supra, Baker, Krew, Poba Skate Co, BXYZ
107 Jorge Diaz Freire 14 A Coruña -
108 Juan Edelstein Resches 19 Santiago de Compostela Blurs Bearings
109 João Neto 26 Porto, Portugal Kate Skateshop, Element portugal, Supra krew
110 Juan Castaño 21 A coruña BD, Globe, Vazva
111 Tiago Baeta 19 Toronto, Canada  
112 Luis "Cepa" Filipe Leal 19 Esposende, Portugal  
113 Julio Nuno Lopes 18 Braga  
114 Daniel "Rapero" Chimpén Sagrado 18 Cáceres -


Rank Name From
1 Pamela Rosa Brazil
2 Julia Bruecker Austria
3 Ana Lucia Seixo Portugal