2014 Jackalope Festival Results

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menCongratulations to Leticia Bufoni and Jon Cosentino for winning the WCS Jackalope Festival event in Montreal, Canada.

Their wins will be etched in the history of WCS events in Canada, going way back to the early 90's and Slam City Jam days in Vancouver with World Cup skaters like Rick McCrank, Colin McKay, Paul Machnau, Chris Haslam, Moses, Sluggo and the entire RDS crew! Also we all had a blast  on the WCS tour for many years in Toronto with Bill Wiess, Justin Bokma and Matt Berger at the West 49 events. So many skaters came to me and told me so many stories of how these events were such a great part of the Canada skate scene history.

This weekend started off with the 13 and under kids ripping hard and putting on a great show for the crowd for the Top Groms event! Next was the WCS Qualifier for all of the skaters trying to get into the top 10 cut for Sundays finals. We did heats of 4-5 skaters who all did an intro run followed by a 5 minute jam session. Followed by a jam session on the classic Jackalope 9 Stair Rail spot. Thanks to Dan Vez and the Canadian crew for doing a great job on the course as always, making the 2014 Jackalope course the best set up ever! The level of skating was so high, the judges decided that we should take 15 to the finals to meet up with our 10 invited and top ranked WCS skaters. Sunday started with the ladies mini ramp Jam followed by a fun jam session on the street course. Leticia Bufoni was on fire all day and was crowned as the champion for the Ladies comp. a close 2nd went to her fellow Brazilian Pamela Rosa, and 3rd went to the local ripper Annie Guglia! The Semi finals was an action packed show with 25 world class skaters! We put 5 skaters in 5 heats and let them loose for 5 minute jam session, to judge the best 10 skaters for the legendary Jackalope Finals!

ladiesCongratulations to Jon Cosentino from Toronto for ripping hard into the #1 Qualifier spot. David Loy and Mike Mo flew into Toronto (by mistake) and had to drive 5 hours to Montreal, but arrived in time to qualify for the Finals! Mike did many amazing tricks to make the final cut, but broke his board during the finals and finished in 10th. He was skating so good, he could have been on the podium. Dave Bachinsky skated great in both sections, and finished in 9th. Congratulations Micky Papa from Vancouver who ripped hard with lots of stylish switch moves to finish in a very respectable 8th place. 7th went to Benjamin Garcia from France. His best trick was a huge backside 360 ollie fron the kicker ledge to flat! 6th went to the Canadian Julien Gagnon who was on the podium at the first Jackalope. The newest Birdhouse Pro, David Loy went for big tricks and became a crowd favorite to snag the #5 spot! Montreals local ripper JS LaPierre skated great just missing the podium in a very respectable 4th. Congratulations to the 2013 Jackalope Champion and 2014 3rd place finisher, plus the #3 WCS Top Ranked Street Skater, Ryo Sejiri from Japan who landed tons of amazing tricks including a switch kickflip to frontside 50-50 on the 9 stair rail. The 2012 Jackalope Champion Greg Lutkza landed all of his best tricks including a frontside 270 to switch Front Blunt down the 9 stair rail to get the #2 spot. Congratulations Jon Cosentino from Toronto for his amazing skating during a hard fought battle! He landed many tricks including a hardflip to backside lipslide down the 9 stair handrail and a switch heelflip at the buzzer to take the win!! The sun was shining all weekend and everyone who came to the event had a great time!

A special thanks to the crew at the TRH Bar for hosting the nightime parties. Many skaters had so much fun there, that they left their used and broken decks to hang on the walls of everyone's favorite skater bar! Thanks to Volcom and Sima for supporting the event.

Also a huge Thanks to Micah, Dominic and Pierre for making this event  better every year! I gotta catch my flight home now. See you in HB!


Mens Results

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1 - Jon Cos      
2 - Greg Lutzka Milwaukee USA Rockstar, Darkstar, MOB, Ricta, independent, Osiris
3 - Ryo Sejiri Nerima, Tokyo Japon Element, Venture, Red Bull, Oakley, Nixon
4 - JS Lapierre Farnham Canada Fallen, Zero, RDS, Diamond, Pig, Empire, Stance
5 - David Loy      
6 - Julien Gagnon      
7 - Benjamin Garcia Bordeaux France Jart skate-board, DC shoes & apparel, relax sk8shop, Freegun underwear,
8 - Micky Papa Vancouver Canada Almost, New Balance, RDS, Bones, Nixon, Diamond
9 - Dave Baschinsky Lowell USA FKD, Venture, MSA, Diamond, Quintin, Venture
10 - Mike Mo Capaldi Simi Valley USA DC Shoes, Girl Skateboards, Glassy Sunhaters, Spitfire, Royal Trucks, Swiss, Mob, CCS, Skatelab


Girls Results

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1 - Leticia Buffoni   Brasil  
2 - Pamela Rosa   Brasil  
3 - Annie Guglia Montréal Canada AXIS, Skirtboarders
4 - Camille Lanctot Goulet Montréal Canada Asfalte
5 - Alishia Stevens Brampton Canada Volcom, Paw Grip, Sic970co
6 - Fred Luyet     Nation apparel
7 - Ellyn Badens   France