2014 Vans Pool Party Results

 DSC9727VANS Combi contest played out in characteristic fashion yesterday. The great challenge. Just when you think that you’ve seen it all…  It all changes. It is pretty inspiring to witness. I guess that is how all things transform themselves. Subtle change. Evolution. A new age dawning. Leading up to the contest, I talked with people. We pondered the results. What was going to happen? Bucky Lasek was out as he’d be racing cars. That definitely left a spot open as he rarely is absent from the victory podium. Would Pedro Barros –with his young knees, powerful style and Mach 5 speed–maintain a death grip on the top spot? Would young usurpers overrun the entire bastion of greatness? The Combi pool. The lines are varied. They’ve been laid out for many years...

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Results Highlights


1. Tristan Rennie - $28,000
2. Joshua Rodriguez - $14,000
3. Cory Juneau - $7,000


1. Chris Miller - $15,000
2. Jeff Grosso - $9,000
3. Christian Hosoi - $5,500


1. Bruno Passos - $4,000
2. Brian Patch - $2,500
3. Darren Navarette - $1,500


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