2014 Vans Amateur Combi Pool Party Results

thumb  DSC8483The Vans Amateur Combi Pool Party went off today with an outstanding display of skateboarding by such a talent group of skateboarders in front of a who's who of  skateboarding crowd . Watching the crew were such notables as; Micke Alba, Ben Schroeder, Tom Scharr, Morgan Wolf, Joe Fong, Don Fisher, Brian Patch, Neal Hendrix,  Sergie Ventura, Chany Jeanguenin, Cory Juneau, Todd Prince  along with a cast of supportive parents and friends. The kids came from all over the country and one skater,  Fernando Kawall made the journey from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Tristan Rennie for the second year in a row, won the 15 and over division while Trey Wood took the honors in the 14 and under division. Both taking home a cool $2,000! Congratulations out to all the skaters as anyone that was there will tell you, Bowl Skating is in good hands with this crew of kids coming up.

A big thanks to Vans, especially Mario Bonaventura and Kristy Van Doren Baston, who had just returned to work after having a baby and taking some time off. Steve Van Doren just couldn't stay away and made an appearance.

Dave Duncan did an amazing job like only he can, keeping the crowd informed and entertained! Judges Christian Hosoi, Aaron Astorga  and Mike Taylor did an excellent job in the hot seat as judges for the comp.

thumb  DSC8474Next up  for World Cup Skateboarding, the super bowl of Bowl Skateboarding, the Pro Vans Combi Pool Party - May 17th.


Results Highlights

14 & Under

1. Trey Wood - $2,000
2. Evan Doherty - $1,400
3. Asher Bradshaw - $800

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15 & Over

1. Tristan Rennie - $2,000
2. Toby Gummeson - $1,400
3. Max Jenson - $800

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