Girls Combi Pool Classic 2016 Results

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Poppy Star wins the Girls Combi Classic!

story by Dave Duncan

History was made on Saturday when 15 year old Poppy Star from Australia won the Girls Combi Classic during her first big Pro contest! Poppy has been a rising star the last few years when she dominated the 14 and under division and was ranked #1 overall in the 2014 World Cup Skateboarding bowl series. In 2015 she finished the year ranked #1 in the 15 and over division. So for 2016 she decided to turn pro and was stoked to take the win competing against 4 previous combi pool winners in a final heat with 9 amazing girls! All of the top 4 girls had scores between 84 and 85.7 proving how close of a battle it was to get the top spot! 11 year old Brighton Zeuner qualified 1st during her pro debut after winning the 14 and under overall amateur division last year. She skated solid all day long and finished in a respectable 4th place. 3rd went to the 2010 champion Lizzie Armanto who skated amazing as always, especially on her 4th and final run in the finals. I even thought she might have won!! But the 2013 champion Nora Vasconcellos pulled her FIRST EVER kick flip indy in the Combi pool during her 3rd run to claim the #2 spot. Last years Champ, Alana Smith finished in 7th, and the 2014 Champ Julz Lynn ripped fast and hard to get 6th. Congratulations to Kisa Nakamura from  Japan who had the variety in her runs to earn 5th. The crowd was going crazy during the finals and hyped up all of the girls to put on a great show!

This year was the strongest showing of Brazilian girls ever with 14 year old Dora Varella taking the #1 spot in the 14 and under amateur division! Also a big congratulations to 17 year old Jordyn Barratt who finally got the win in the 15 and over amateur division. Last year she got 2nd to Poppy, which just shows the great skill level of all of the top amateur girls!! They are all getting better every time I see them! Progression, speed and style describes many of the top competitors from the event. These are tough girls and I am so proud of them it kept me stoked to be hyping them up all day for the packed crowd around the pool!. A huge thanks to Steve and his daughter Kristy Van Doren along with their staff and crew! The Bar-B-Que party vibe and rockin tunes always makes everyone from around the world feel welcome! Also thanks for the for the $22,000 prize purse to reward the top 10 pros, and top 3 ams in both divisions. Thanks again to everyone to came out to be a part of this great and historical event! We all look forward to making the magic happen again in May for the Legendary Vans Pool Party!! Remember last year when Pedro Barros and Matt Boyster made history with the first ever nearly impossible square to round transfers!! Google it and get hyped and be ready for more crazy action in 2016!! Happy New Year to everyone! I gotta go now to pack my bags for my flight to Rio in 2 days for the next WCS event!! Let the good times keep on Rolling!!

Later Skater, D.D.



1 Poppy Starr 15 Bondi Beach, Australia Vans, Perfect Moment, iSkate Australia, Type S, Theeve, Bose, Action Cam $8,000 85.7
2 Nora Vasconcellos 23 Laguna Niguel, CA Welcome Skateboards, RVCA, Converse,, Spitfire, Brostyle Grip, Bern Helmets, The Young and Brave Foundation $4,000 85
3 Lizzie Armanto 23 San Clemente, CA Vans, Birdhouse, Baby G Watches, Indy, Bones Wheels $2,000 84.3
4 Brighton Zeuner 11 Encinitas, CA Vans, Skeleton Key Mfg., Bones Wheels, S-1 Helmets, 187 Killer Pads, Bones Bearings, Stance Socks, McGills Skate Shop $1,400 84
5 Kisa Nakamura 16 Japan Five Cross Skatepark, Go Pro, CW-X Division, MAX XL Watches, Grind Pencil, Okazaki $1,200 82.3
6 Julz Lynn   Fullerton, CA Julz Inc, Julz Skateboards, Ace, Black Flys, Fly Girls, Vox Shoes, 187 Pads, S1 Helmets $500 80
7 Alana Smith 15 Mesa, AZ Hoopla, DC Shoes, KTR, 187 Killer Pads, Triple 8 Helmets, Grape Tape $400 79.7
8 Nicole Hause 18 Stillwater, MN   $250 79
9 Amelia Brodka 26 Oceanside, CA Black Bear B12, XS Helmets, Vox Shoes, Arbor Skateboards, Concrete Disciples, Theeve Trucks, Urban Remedy, 187 Killer Pads, Immortal Laces $150 78
10 Lea Taylor 19 Huntington Beach, CA Hoopla, Frreestyle watches, Body Glove, Stance Socks, Guru Enerygy Drink, 187 Pads, jiu Jitsu League $100  
11 Arianna Carmona 17 Buena Park, CA Identity Boardshop, Brokinbonz Clothing, Flood Kontrol Skateboards, S-One Helmets, 187 Killer Pads, Grinderz, Immortal Laces, Skateboard Jewlery, Flow: Theeve Trucks, Bones Wheels, Filmbot Grip    
12 Sarah Thompson 18 Huntington Beach, CA Silly Girl Skateboards, Speedlab Wheels, Wicked Audio, Black Flys, Bridge to skate, S1 Helmets    
13 Hunter Long 21 Honolulu, HI Hoopla, Dakine, 187 Killer Pads, Bones, Ace, XS    
14 Pauline Branom 17 Claremont, CA Feistycrew, Royal Trappings, flow S1 Helmets    
15 Katherine Folsom   Folsom, CA Embassy Skateboards, Girl is Not a 4 Letter Word, Chivazwear, X7 Outfitters, Kung Fu Grip, Surf & Skate & Bikinis, Baddassskatemom    
16 Bia Sodre 22 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Dreamin Skateboard, Papellu    



1 Jordyn Barratt 17 Enciinitas, CA XS Helmets, Movie Tickets, Vans, 187 Killer Pads, Boardsfix, Fish 101 Restrauant, Bones Wheels, Ace Trucks $1,000 83
2 Yndiara Asp 18 Florianopolis, BR Santa Cruz Skateboards BRA, Stance Socks BRA, G-shock (Baby-G) BRA, Hi Adventure. $600 81
3 Hanna Zanzi 23 Huntington Beach, CA None $400 77.66
4 Hannah Chumley 16 Atlanta, GA Original Betty   73.66
5 Leticia Goncalves 18 Sao Paulo, BR Claudia dos Santos Nogueira Gonçalves / Marcio dos Santos Gonçalves   73.33
6 Paige LaBare 18 Costa Mesa, CA Brokin Bonz Clothing   69.66
7 Thais Gazarra 17 Sao Paulo, BR Trees Eu, Drop Sirta, Melancia Skate Girls, Yenzah, Cu Casa do Massaugista, Skate Center, Gullwing    
8 Nicole Noller 31 Colorado Springs, CO Sk8 Strong, 311 Skateboards    
9 Olivia Black 15 Suffolk, VA Merican Brand    
10 Michelle Barnett 33 Newport Beach, CA none    
11 Jessie Kudin 23 Sacramento, CA Few & Far Women, Savaanna    



1 Dora Varella 14 Sao Paulo, BR Crazyboard, Bowlhouse $1,000 81.67
2 Spencer Breaux   Denver, CO Silly Girl, Triple 8, Theeve Trucks, Sognar Clothing, Bombas Socks, Woodward Copper $600 81.33
3 Bryce Wettstein 11 Encinitas, CA Silly Girl Skateboards; McGill’s Skateshop; Pride Socks; Aura Skateboarding Company, Encinitas Surfboards, Sticky Bumps Surf Wax $400 80
4 Zoe Safanda 11 San Rafael, CA Proof Lab, Bell Skate Helmets, YMOT, Immortal Laces   77.73
5 Minna Stess 9 Peteluma, CA Independent Trucks, Silly Girl Skateboards, 187 Pads, Girl is not a 4 letter word, Lakai, BrokinBonz Clothing, Sonoma Old School Skateshop   77
6 Isadora Pachero 10 Fpolig, Brazil Thug Nine, Atlantica SKT Shop, Extra English, Stance   75.67
7 Michelle Yoon 12 Los Angeles, CA MLCH Skateboards    
8 Jordon Santana   Houston, TX Christian Hosoi, Hosoi Skateboards    
9 ReLz Murphy 9 Oceanside, CA Pink Helmet Posse, Bell Helmets, 187 Killer Pads    
10 Belle Kenworthy 9 Dana Point, CA Pink Helmet Posse, Billabong, Bult Helmets, Jacks Surf Shop, Dakine, Sun Bun, 187 Pads    
11 Charity Tahoe Smith   Truckee, CA Tahoe Board Co, Truckee Love, Silly Girl    



Photos: Dan Sparagna