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FAR'N'HIGH 2016 - finals day

Far'N'High is one of the most visited events in all the european contest series.  This year, people from over 40 countries made their way to France, to skate the indoor park that Christophe Piquard rebuilds every year to bring a completely unique experience. This year, the skatepark was extremely tech, wit ha little section, which did not take away any of the craziness. What is more, it brought some NBD's and that's a very rare thing to see during a skateboard competition. 2 tricks that stayed in my mind after the weekend were both done by the same person, Portugal's own Tiago Lopes (instagram: @instatiago) who first landed a bigflip fs boardslide kickflip to fakie down a 6 rail, then grabbed his phone and filmed a selfie of himself doing a bigflip fs boardslide to fakie down the same rail. Both of these tricks were so next level, that most of the skaters were talking about it for the rest of the weekend. But lets get back to the skating...

Sunday started nice and everyone was hoping the weather will stay good, but then, sometime after noon the rain arrived and it stayed raining for most of the day. We are lucky we have this amazing indoor park that fits all the skaters and quite a big crowd of the audience, who all came to watch the highest level of World skateboarding. First on the schedule were Girl's qualifications and we cut down half of the competing girls, going from 20 women to 10. When girls event was finished, we got about 30 minutes of practice for the top qualifiers from the previous 2 days and 2 wildcards (Benjamin Garcia and Gustavo Ribeiro). The group was split into 2 jams for two 45 second runs, best run counts. Far'N'High has a pretty unique judging system that not every skater is familiar with, so you could see some riders struggle with getting the points needed to qualify, eventhough they had decent runs. The Family Association has their own way of judging the event and they are doing a really good job. Everything is always going smooth, riders are having a good time, the drinks are there, the food are there and the beer is there too - what else could we ask for:))

Lets get back to the event, though. There were some impressive runs in the semifinals that ended up not making the cut to the finals and 2 of them stay on the top of my mind, it is Martin Pek (Czech republic) and Kostya Kabanov (Russia). I was surprized i didn't see these 2 names in the finals, but again, that's just one of many different point of views and every person has his own preferences. Top 10 people from the semifinals made the cut to the MENS FINALS to join the 2 "golden ticket" holders from days 1 & 2 of the qualifications - Friday's IVAN MONTEIRO (Brasil) and saturday's ADRIAN BULARD (France).

Before the men's finals kicked off, the girls took over the park and the level of their skating is going up very fast every year. We could see some insane flip variations, big airs, rails and gaps as well as Alexis Sablone's signature kickflip fs 50-50 grind. It was the worldwide skateboard superstar LETICIA BUFONI (Brasil), who ended up taking the gold, followed by Alexis Sablone (2nd) and Iris Besseling (3nd).

Once the girls were finished with their skating, we started the MEN FINALS and the level of skating in the finals was the best i have seen in many years.... Every run could be the winning run at most of other events, but not Far'N'High... Here, all the skaters have to put everything on the line to be able to even reach the top6... First of the very impressive runs was done by our good friend and an amazing european ripper from Slovakia RISO TURY (Slovakia, finished 6th) who kickflipped and heelflipped into most (if not all) of his tricks, as well as skating he huge gap to rail. Another amazing performance was shown by Gustavo Ribeiro (finished 5th), who was holding the wildcard from previous qualification events that happen regularly a few times per year... After Riso and Gustavo, most people thought you could have the top3, but then Ivan Monteiro came in with his first finals run and abslutely murdered the obstacles. Basically, whatever happened to be in his way, he just destroyed by the most difficult trick possible, finishing the run with a huge 360 flip lipslide down the double set rail. After Ivan's run, everyone thought the contest was over and noone else could do better. But then, Vincent Milou's 2nd run came and Vincent just murdered the skatepark with 3 tricks into the huge double set rail, out of which 2 were flip-ins (kickflip bs boardslide to fakie and kickflip fs lipslide to finish it off). After a long discussion, Vincent took the WIN and kept the Far'N'High trophy in France for this year, leaving Ivan Monteiro in 2nd and Dashawn Jordan in 3rd.

After the finals, we had the quarterpipe best trick and it was Dashawn Jordan, who ended up winning the Best Trick session.

After the best trick, everyone met at the bar outside to eat some well prepared pasta, sandwiches and have some beers.

It was another great year of Far'N'High and we can't wait to be back in 2017.


farnhigh fullresults


farnhigh fullresults