The Shibuya Session 2016 Results

WCS – The Session, Shibuya Skatepark – Tokyo, Japan 2016

Story by: Martin Karas
Event photos by: Jason Halayko
Other Photos by: Martin Karas

It was the first time ever that an international skateboard event came to Japan and we were really proud to be there and to be part of it!  World Cup Skateboarding, Anomaly Inc. and Red Bull Japan held down a skateboard event in the Shibuya skatepark, located in the very hearth of the Tokyo city in Japan in July 23rd to 24th, 2016!

Shibuya skatepark is located few blocks from the world famous Shibuya crossing that many of you know from the pictures and videos from Tokyo. Yes, it is the big crossing where people flood the street in all directions every time the green light goes on! The park is concrete and has a lot of different obstacles in it, including a bowl section. All covered by beautiful trees that give shade when the hit sun is up and equipped with lights for the late evening sessions.

We have had a good crew of international riders from different continents and countries entering the event and compete against the best of Japanese skateboarders. We were all looking forward to the event and were excited since not so many people had a chance to previously visit Japan and see or meet the local rippers before. 

For the Qualification we have had about 40 local riders and about 10 international riders including Alex Mizurov from Germany, Richard Tury from Slovakia, Omar Parraga from Mexico, Huai Hsuan Wang from Taiwan,  Timotej Lampe Ignijc from Slovenia, Tomas Vintr from Czech Republic, Alex Midler from the United States and Maxim Kruglov from Russia.

Local were killing it right away with style and technical tricks all over the park obstacles. The amazing thing was that even very young riders showed some serious tricks and were not afraid at all to push their limits from the start of the competition.  9year old Sasaki Raimu was one of the little rippers who blew our mind with his huge bag of tricks and courage he had! Sasaki was executing rail tricks, flips down the set of stairs and a very nice style!

There were also Girl skateboarders entering the event.  Nishimia Jyoshua was one of them. She was not afraid to skate the big Hubba and land a 5050 grind or a nice crooked grind on it! Yosizumi Sakura was the other one that stuck in my mind with her tricks in transitions and her kickflips. I hope we will see more of those girl skateboarders around the world now!

The best 16 riders from Qualification made the cut to the Semifinals. Semifinals were held with 2 runs and 5 Single tricks attempts for each rider. The best run and 2 best trick attempts counted for the final score of each riders. We have seen some amazing runs and tricks in the Semis!

Sora Shirai was having some heavy tricks like hardflip down the platform gap, bluntslide to fakie on the Hubba ledge or a very nice 360flip transfer. Alex Mizurov killed his run with style and finesse this champion of all technical tricks has! Alex can do any trick on any obstacle and really put it in work there! Crowd went wild after his first run!!

10 best riders went from Semifinals to the Finals and continued with the same system of 2 runs and 5 tricks attempts for each of them. Finals were the part where all local skateboarders really went off!! Richard Tury from Slovakia was flipping and nollie heelflipping to his tricks on any obstacle and added an amazing nollie varial flip to boardslide on the big rail during the trick session. Alex Midler was landing some amazing tricks during the trick section like flip fs bluntslide shove-it out on rail or huge backside 360 from the platform gap. Omar Parraga from Mexico did some magic with double-kickflip down the gap and his super clean 360flip lipslide on the big rail!  One of the best styles of the whole event was shown by Yuto Horigome who had beautiful nollie crooked on the Hubba ledge and most of all the sickest switch backside tailslide on the Hubba! Daisuke Ikeda was killing it the whole day with nice technical tricks and manual combos! The best run in the Finals was the second run of Ike Keyaki! This was simply beautiful – bigspin fs boardslide on the big rail, solid hardflip down the platform gap, bs smithgrind on the Hubba! I really wish this kid travels more and people see his  talent!! The big Final clash went between Ryo Seiji and Max Kruglov. Both riders are experienced and fearless samurais who can do anything on their boards!! Ryo Sejiri has an incredible board control and it seems like he doesn’t even move during some of his gnarly tricks. Switch 5-0s on the Hubba, switch backside lipslide on the rail or nollie tailslide on the Hubba were one of those tricks. Now add some manual trick control and platform gap switch frontside bigspin with perfect landings. This is Ryo!! You have to really step up your game to top these tricks and Max Kruglov handled it well! His second final run was flawless and filled with some insane tricks like hardflip backside lipslide on the big rail or backside smithgrind on the Hubba ledge with mega speed! And than he just dominated the trick section with some have hitters and blew every ones mind with his hardflip to frontside boardslide on the big rail! And that was it!! Max took the first place from the event!!!  Congratulations to Max and all the local and international skaters who participated on this great event!! We are really looking forward to come back again next year!!

WCS would like to thank the promoters and the team of the Shibuya Session 2016 event for their great work, effort and dedication. It was an honor to be part of this event! Thank you to: Taisyo, Kei and Marrock, the best announcer and a great friend Yuto Kojima, Kento, Anomaly team of staff, all the judges – Seung Baek from South Korea, Takashi Nishikawa, Tetsuharu Sai, Hitoshi for the best Japanese dinner,  the Mortar shop for helping with the press conference, The Shibuya city for holding down the skatepark and all the Japanese people who participated, competed or came to see and cheer up their friends at this skateboard event! Much love!!


Rank     Country
1 Max Kruglov   Russia
2 瀬尻稜 Sejiri Ryo Japan
3 イケケヤキ Ike Keyaki Japan
4 RICHARD TURY   Slovakia
5 池田大亮 Ikeda Ryo Japan
6 Omar Parraga   Mexico
7 ホリゴメユウト Horigome Yuto Japan
8 シライソラ Shirai Sora Japan
9 Alex Midler   USA
10 トクラタイホウ Tokura Taihou Japan
11 TOMAS Vintr チェコ Czech Republic
12 タニグチ ショウタロウ  Taniguchi Showtaro Japan
13 サガワカイト Sagawa Kaito Japan
14 ホシノ ダイキ  Hoshino Daiki Japan
15 ワタナベユウト Watanabe Yuto Japan
16 Timotej Lampe Ignjić スロベニア Slovenia
17 Alex Mizurov ドイツ Germany
18 ナガイ キラナ Nagai Kirana Japan
19 ヤマシタキョウノスケ Yamashita Kyonosuke Japan
20 ササキトア Sasaki Toa Japan
21 コニシ リンク  Konishi Link Japan
22 イケダダイキ Ikeda Daiki Japan
23 Huai Hsuan Wang 台湾 Taiwan
24 キヨノレオ KIYONO LEO Japan
25 ササキライム SASAKI RAIMU Japan
26 タケダダイキ TAKEDA DAIKI Japan
27 ササキマナ SASAKI MANA Japan
28 タカハギツバサ TAKAHAGI TSUBASA Japan
29 ヨソズミ サクラ  YOSIZUMI SAKURA Japan
30 いいだ やすひこ IIDA YASUHIKO Japan
31 ニシミア ジョシュア  NISHIMIA JYOSHUA Japan
32 コスズショウダイ KOSUZU SHODAI Japan
33 ワタナベサナ WATANABE SANA Japan
34 ナガイシイム NAGAISHI IMU Japan
35 オオクボテッペイ OOKUBO TEPPEI Japan
36 ニシカワレイ NISHIKAWA REI Japan
37 ヤグチリク YAGUCHI RIKU Japan
38 いわきりゅういちろう IWAKI RYUICHIRO Japan
39 オガワキハナ OGAWA HANA Japan
40 ヨロイアオト YOROI AYATO Japan
41 ニシムラアオリ NISHIMURA AORI Japan
42 マツモトタカシ MATSUMOTO TAKASHI Japan


by Jason Halayko

by Martin Karas