PRO Freestyle 2017 Results

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The sun was shining today on the winners here on the beach for the Pro Freestyle World Cup Skateboarding event. Congratulations to the amazing skateboarding of Brazilian Vinicius Santos for his first WCS win! Also congratulations to Julia Brueckler from Austria for her first WCS win this year!

We started with over 70 skaters from all over the world! We had a qualifier on Friday taking the top 25 to meet up with 5 prequalified skaters for the semifinals on Saturday. Congratulations to local Rob Maatman who qualified 1st on Friday!

On Saturday we ran the Amateur comp and Brazilian Joao Victor Alves took first!

Then during the girls finals 16 year old Roos Zwetsloot of Netherlands stunned the crowd with a perfect heel flip over a big centerpiece  gap and followed it up with another solid heel flip down the loading dock gap to flat to edge out local Candy Jacobs for 2nd. But in the end it was Julia Brueckler taking the win!

For the Pros they all did 1-one minute run followed by 10 tricks in an organized jam. One of the last tricks landed was a 360 flip to 50-50 down a rail by Maxime Habanec from Prague to land him in 2nd just above Lucas Alves the winner of the Far n High comp! The Brazilian Vinicius Santos was feeling the fun vibes of the event and was landing the most difficult and technical tricks with the classic crazy Brazilian style to take the win! Check out the Ride channel for all of the footage! Including an amazing best trick session. Brazilian Joao Lucas Alves landed the most tricks in the different areas and the most difficult tricks to become the overall best trick winner taking the most cash for his tricks!

Thanks to local Woody Hoogendijk for showing us all of the local spots here all week in Den Haag Netherlands! Also thanks to Martijn and his wonderful Pro Freestyle crew for organizing such a great event on the beach! Bar-B-Ques all day and beers in the clubhouse every night at the wrap parties! We're all already looking forward to coming back next year! Thanks again to everyone who came out! Good times! Enjoy your summer of skateboarding fun!

See you down the road, D.D.

WCS DenHaague TEAM WebFrom left: Dave Duncan, Oli Buergin, Bram Waterman, Martin Karas, Casper Friedel, Pat Duffy and Dan Cates


WCS DenHaague Winners Men


1 Vinicius Santos BR   Sigilo, Blaze supply, Honey pot, Murk
2 Maxime Habanec CZ   Vans, Ambassadors, Red Bull, GoPro, CHPO brand
3 Lucas Alves BR   WATS
4 João Lucas Alves BR 16 WATS
5 Maxim Kruglov RU   Nike SB, Red Bull
6 Martin Pek CZ   Vans, Ambassadors
7 Trevor Cappon BE 25 SBQ, Rampaffairz, HUF, Primitive
8 Rob Maatman NL 26 Frank, Emerica, Houtmood, Burnside
9 Scott DeCenzo CAN   Powell, RDS, Independent, Wreck, Menu Shop, New Balance
10 Evandro Martins BR 22  
11 Simon Striker SW 25 Red Bull
12 Bart Buikman NL 17 Volcom, Santa Cruz, Independent, Ricta, MOB, Bronson, Circa
13 Luiz Neto BR   QIX International
14 Woody Hoogendijk NL   Manus, Crail, Reell, Almost, éS
15 Benedikt Schmidt GER 27  
16 Luca Hendriks NL 17 Burnside, Happy Hour, Go Europe Skateboarding
17 Joe Hinson UK 20 Karma Skateboards, Emerica Flow
18 Lenny Pfeiffer AU 15 BLK
19 Roger Silva SP 28 Jart Skateboards
20 Tim Zom NL 29 Nike, Ben-G, Independent
21 Florian Westers GER 23 Titus Münster, Bones wheels
22 Pascal Moelaert NL 15  
23 Douwe Macaré NL 24 SK8DLX, Reell, Thunder, Spitfire
24 Kevin Tshala NL 27 White Mike, Nike SB
25 Magic van Heeswijk NL 17 Nike SB
26 Charlie Verboven NL 15 SK8DLX
27 Adrien Bullard FR 24 Nike SB
28 Kevin Vu BE 28 Supra
29 Adrian Hirt GER 28 Vamos, Bleed Clothes
30 Paul Galeili FR 19  
31 Mano Wolf NL 14  
32 Jip Koorevaar NL 16  
33 Martin Huppertz GER 25  
34 Mika Möller GER 13  
35 Lars de Weerd NL 15  
36 Ash Challis UK 24  
37 Arturs Nesaule LV 19  
38 Luigi Ribeiro NL 32  
39 Hendrik Kaczmarek GER 25  


WCS DenHaague Winners Girls


1 Julia Brueckler AU 27  Nike SB
2 Roos Zwetsloot NL 16  
3 Candy Jacobs NL 26 Etnies, Blackriver, Fitmasterfreddy
4 Keet Oldenbeuving NL 12 Nike SB, Solid'93, Skatepark Utrecht, Coalition, Meow
5 Lea Schafer GER 17 Adidas, Titus Tornados, Emillion, Oakheart, Support Skatestore
6 Iris Besseling NL 21 Burnside
7 Sarah de Laet BE 23  
8 Dora Horvath HU 27  
9 Joëlle Ducaneaux NL 16  
10 Marielle Remijnse      


WCS DenHaague Winners Amateurs


1 João Victor Alves BR 16  
2 David Bekkers NL 15  
3 Diego Broest NL 10  
4 Remko Staak NL    
5 Kelvin Werst NL    
6 Lucas Albas NL 17  
7 Gijs Zevenbergen NL 22  
8 Aaron Hiadingsfelder DE 24  
9 Gullermo Soaring NL 15  
10 Felix Horacio Steidle BR 31  
11 Yannick Nkwessa Ntchantchou NL 17  
12 Rocco Tozzy AUS 25  
13 Izzy McCoy NL 17  
14 Manuel Kosthorst DE 37  
15 Erik Wieten NL 18  
16 Huib Verduijn den Boer NL 18  
17 Xuly McCoy NL 15  
18 Filip Mandzuk PO 27  


WCS DenHaague Winner Overall BestTrick

Best Trick

BT João Lucas Alves BR   WATS



Photos: Mathijs Tromp