Lizzie and Allysha on top at Exposure!

 We started the day in the pool with 6-7 year old Pink Helmet Posse doing a short demo with 6-7 year ols girls who put on a flawless show! Next we saw 15 year old Arianna Carmona of Buena Park dominate the amateur division with a variety of airs, Rock and Rolls and good lines using both bowls and the shallow end. 2nd went to 9 year old Annika Vrklan of Carlsbad, and 3rd to Bryce Wettstein from Encinitas. Next we really saw the level go up as Nicole Hause from Bayport, Mn blast the highest airs in the pool to take 7th. 6th went to the hard charging Sarah Thompson. Amelia Brodka has a great frontside lip attack with 5-0s to pivot stall on the hip. Great F/S smith grinds and lipslides put her in 5th. Nora Vasconcellos charged it with no pads and stylish moves for 4th. Julz Lynn did inverts B/s and F/s airs, Indy airs, F/S grind and 50-50s to get 3rd. Lizzie Armanto and Allysha Bergado botj have such a big bag of tricks that they battled it out for a close call on the top spot! DSC5292 copy Congratulations to Allysha Bergado who skated strong with a wide variety of difficult and stylish airs, handplants, grinds and a F/S boneless one to get the win! Lizzie matched many of her tricks, but had to settle for 2nd.
Next we had an Auto graph session for the fans followed by the vert comps. Once again it was Arianna Carmona who ripped her way to another win. On her 4th run she dropped in the huge roll in and blasted a big backside air off of the loveseat offset! 2nd went to 13 year old vert ripper Poppy Olsen who flew in all the way from Bondi Beach, Sydney Australia. 3rd went to local Annika Vrklan. On the vert Karen Jonz did a bunch of hard tech tricks to get 6th. Nicole did huge airs for 5th. Gaby Ponce of NJ did a couple of kick flip indys, lots of air variations to get a well earned 4th. 3rd went to Allysha Bergado and her big variety of tricks. 2nd went to the vert veteran Mimi Knoop who did lots of difficult ticks on the entire ramp and solid runs to get 2nd. Congratulations to a very surprised Lizzie Armanto whe we called her name for the win! She has a great F/S invert and did many stylish and difficult tricks, with long solid runs! Next we did a best trick for cash session. Julz did her first ever F/S airs over the big hip channel. Lizzie did a finger flip lein to tail and a huge Lein to tail over the channel !! Mimi did a F/S Nose grind, and an ollie over the channel to a B/S Nose grind. Just as the session was finished, (it was starting to get dark) Nicole did a F/S Ollie over the channel after about 8-10 tries! After she landed it we started the awards.
Congratulations to Arianna Carmona who won a week at Woodward for her Amateur wins in the pool and vert. Lots of checks were handed out to the top pros, thanks to all of the sponsors this year, Vans, Woodward,Living Free Foundation, Ollo clip, Bull Taco, 187 Killer Pads, Hosoi, Thrasher, Indy, Volcom, and many more. A good time was had by all and I want to thank everyone who showed up to support the girls. A special shout goes out to Kim Woo who was my partner on the Mic. Alot of money was raised for Carols House, a great help to abused and needy women. This year it was a World Cup point series event, which was a great end to another amazing year on the WCS tour! Thanks to Bull Taco who hosted a great after party with great sushi and tacos! It was great to see everyone having fun and sharing stories! As we take a break from the WCS comps for the rest of 2013 I wish you all Happy Holidays, Dave Duncan.