Danny Leon takes the win at NASS 2013!

 Kick flips over the BMX box jump, F/S Blunts in the big graffiti corner, K/F over the gap, Switch FS Boardslide down the rail, FS Feeble on the big flatbar/ round rail, KF Frontisde Boardslide down the rali and finished the jam with a back flip over the 2nd box jump!!DannyLeon NASS Then he went over to the mini ramp best tricks for cash and did a FS Nollie flip disaster and a fakie nose blunt front foot late flip in!! He was on today and deserved the win!! 2nd place went to the 2012 #1 overall ranked WCS skater Kelvin Hoefler from Sao Paulo, Brazil. He rode the whole course well and also qualified 1st from the semis, and stepped up his tech tricks in the finals. He landed an amazing KF BS lipslide on the long centerpiece flatbar, unfortunately just after the time had finished. 3rd went to the birthday boy every year at Nass, Brazilian/ (now living in Copenhagen) Diego Fiorese. Diego did a nollie big spin to BS Tailslide, Nollie bigspin disaster revert and a varial HF to fakie on the mini ramp to get some more cash! Dennis Lynn of Ireland finished in 4th with smooth runs and stylish tricks. 5th place went to Tomas Vintr from Prague doing. Another star of the weekend was Danny Carlsen who qualified 1st on Friday and has a casual smooth style with some of the most difficult tricks like the blunt to KF fakie on top of the tallest massive bank tranny ramp! Dannie went on to win the most cash at the mini ramp best trick session with combo tricks like Blunt double flip fakie, Blunt tre flip to fakie, 1/2 cab rock to smith grind to disaster and fakie nose blunt nollie flip out!!! A big congratulations goes out to All terrain Trevor Johnson from Soham, UK! He finished in a very respectable 7th place and was the highest rank skater from UK! Also a huge thank you to Trevor and the Four One Four Ramps crew for the always amazing course every year at NASS!! Also a big thanks to all of the sponsors, the skaters and the fans for making NASS a huge success for 2013! The weather was sunny and warm all weekend and we all look forward to coming back and seeing everyone again next year!!
Rock on, D.D.