Pedro on top at Red Bull Skate Generation

If you didn't get a chance to watch the live web cast on Sunday, well then you missed out on one of the most amazing bowl events of the year.

There were 4 individual events of Legends, Master's, Pro's and Am's, with the top 6 in each division making it to a team for the Sunday Team bash.

Pro Top 6Sk8Gen

1. Pedro Barros

2. Filipe Caltabiano "Foguinho"

3. Sandro Dias

4. Murilo Peres

5. Omar Hassen

6. Joshua Rodriques

Legend Top 6

1. Christian Hosoi

2. Eddie Elguera

3. Steve Alba

4. James LuizMV4M14811

5. Luiz Roberto

6. Marco Aurelio

Master Top 6

1. Carlos Eduardo Braz

2. Lenardo Barbosa

3. Marco Cruz

4. Mauro Abreu Femandez

5. Sergie Ventura

6. Miguel ZafariMV4M13541

Am Top 6

1. Vinicious Goetzke

2. Fabio Junqueira Reis

3. Tristen Rennie

4. Caique Silve

5. Augusto Akio Santos

6. Alan Resende Dos Santos


Complete results here...

Gallery here... Pics courtesy of Heverton Ribeiro