Amateur Combi Pool Party '13 was gnarly!!!!!!

Today's Amateur Combi Pool Party was OFF the chart! There's a new crop of concrete killers on the raise, and today's event at the Vans Skate Park in Orange showed that full force! Congrats goes out to all the upcoming rippers! In the 14 & under division, Coery Juneau put some amazing runs together to edge out Toby Gummeson and Braden Stelma for the top trophy. In the 15 & over divison, Tristan Rennie edge out Collin Graham and Cory Juneau for top spot. Super congrats goes out to Tristan as he has won a free trip to compete at the Skate Generation comp in April at Pedro Barros' pool in Florianopolis, Brazil. Courtesy of Red Bull.DSC0025

14 & under Top 5

1. Cory Juneau

2. Toby Gummeson

3. Braden Stelma

4. Morgan Wolf

5. Kiko Francisco


15 & over Top 5tristan3

1. Tristan Rennie

2. Collin Graham

3. Cory Juneau

4. Clay Freiner

5. Justin Rivera


Complete Results here...

vans combiGallery 1 here - Pics courtesy of Dan Sparagna

Gallery 2 here - Pics Courtesy of Paxton Bowman

Gallery 3 here - Pics Courtesy of Jon Hermison

Watch the finals highlight video below...