Kelvin Hoefler takes the win at Ceara World Cup!

Once we all arrived and met up with our many Brazilian skate friends, they told us this was the biggest street skate contest in Brazil this year!! It was then that we all knewKelvinHoefler3_Fortaleza12_SasherPics it was worth the 32 hr travel time!!! We boarded at 7:45am on Tuesday in So Cal and had long layovers in NJ and Sao Paolo, then we finally arrived in Fortaleza at 6:30pm Wednesday. Right after we got to the hotel 13 of us, (1/2 of which were Brazilian pros, and 1/2 were foreign pros and the WCS crew) went out to Churrascaria/ Brazilian Bar-B-Que for All you can eat and drink with Caiprainhas being the local favorite. The next day after catching up on some much needed rest we took a local bus for 15 minutes to a special beach called Futuro for cheap massages on the beach and body surfing in big waves and warm water! Then we all took the shuttle to the skatepark! It is so hot in the day that we start the warm ups every day at 4pm and skate under the lights as it cools off a bit. The bleachers were full every day with local kids and fans, all were super stoked.
Kelvin Hoefler qualified 1st for Saturdays Semi finals with tech tricks during the 7 minute jam in zone#1 with tricks on the funbox, flat ledges and hubbas like a Kickflip Nose Slide, Kickflip Backside Tail Slide, 360 flip Noseslide. In the bigger zone #2 Kelvin had lots of tricks on the tall side flat handrail. Backside lipslide’s and Backside Tailslide’s and a Backside Lipslide down the big rail. In the Finals Kelvin did good tech tricks again including a Switch Backside Tailslide and a Backside Smith stall to Ollie out to Fakie on the vert extension. Kelvin was solid and consistently landing 15 tricks in a row and never fell. In the big section zone #2 he did more big tricks on the tall side flat handrail and even threw down a Kickflip Backside Lipslide down the big rail!!! Everyone knew that he was ON that day and deserved the win!
The #2 spot went to the #4 qualifier Danilo Rosario. He has such smooth and stylish tricks and was so consistent landing 21 amazing tricks in both sections of the finals including Nollie Backside Noseblunt slide, Switch Backside Tailslide down the Hubba. And a Backside Tailside up the euro gap to big ledge.
The #3 spot went to the #2 qualifier Lucas Carvalho. He has improved so much since the last time I saw him. In the finals he did many switch tricks with raw style including Switch  Frontside Blunt to shove it out, Switch Frontside Tailslide 270 out, Switch Stance Backside Bluntslide down the big rail, and a Switch Frontside 180 over the stairs to flat!! A few too many falls in zone 1 was why he slipped from 2nd to 3rd.
4th went to Diego Oliviera. He skated solid all weekend qualifying in 5th on Sat with Switch tricks like a big Switch ollie, Switch Nose Blunt, and in the finals he pulled 360 flip up the big step up gap, a stylish Frontside Nosegrind down the big rail and a Backside Tailslide down the big Rail!!
5th went to Rodil Jr. He has been busy running his own deck manufacturing business in Curitiba, and still skating as consistent as ever. He qualified in 3rd with manyDaniloRosario2_Fortaleza12_SasherPics Switch tricks and Kickflip variations.
6th was Rodolfo Ramos. My favorite tricks from GuGu were the Hard flip to flat off of the 1/4 pipe deck, and a Frontside alleyoop Hurricane on the big vert extension.
There was an Amateur comp before the finals where everyone watched Suenio Campos edge out William Aragao for the win. Campos pulled a Frontside crooked grind, Nollie 5-0 and a Switch 50-50 on the Hubba legdes. He also did a big Backside 180 over the whole pyramid. In the big section zone #2 he did a Backside Lipslide, Frontside Blunt and a 360 flip. He had a lot of smooth and stylish tricks! Aragao's best tricks included a Nollie Heelflip Nose slide, Switch Lipslide and a Nollie Frontside board slide.
3rd of the amateurs went to Felipe Maluquinho from the Bomber local skate shop. He pulled some great combo tricks including a Krooked grind to Backside Lipslide and a Frontside Nose grind to Backside Lipslide on the flat bar.
There is always a huge crowd for the very professional awards show, for which I would like to thank Marcelo Santos, Lauro Netto, Ed Scander, Bruno Funil and the rest of the CBSK crew for doing a great job every year! Also thanks to Andre Viena and the CBSK judges. Also a big thanks to Carla and Andrea from T'ai events for their great organization every year! Also thanks to all of the skaters, the skate fans, and all of the media (and there was a lot) that came from all over the planet to cover the event! There was a super fun after party at Orbita club where everyone celebrated crazy Brazilian style late into the night. It has been an amazing year on the WCS tour and this was a great event to finish of the World travels with. This weekend it is an easy 1 hour flight from SoCal to San Jose for the 14th annual Tim Brauch event. Caballero has an art show on Friday night, so I look forward to seeing everyone there! The best summer ever continues!!

-Dave Duncan