Rocky Mountain Rampage!

Congratulations to 15 year old Jono for making his dreams come true, and also for taking a well deserved 1st place in the pro vert comp on Saturday by spinning 720s,RMP12poster many 540 variations and flip tricks, etc! Also a big congrats to Lizzie Armanto who took the win in the ladies division with class and style.She has so many great tricks, and added a frontside invert to her arsenal just 2 days before the comp, which she pulled off beautifully during the Vert jam session!! We also held a mini ramp comp for the ams on Saturday before the vert comp, and watched the stylish moves of 12 year old Travis Rivera of So Cal take the win in the 15 and under division, and Local 37 year old Chris Patton take the win against his younger local skate crew in the 16 and over division. There was a great vibe all day as everyone who skated put on a great show for the crowd!! Thanks to Chris from Team Pain who invited everyone to his new backyard pool just a few miles away from the park for a great evening backyard pool session!! Everyone who skated the perfect new peanut shape pool had a blast! Lizzie, Mike McGill, Big E and many more were carving fun lines and grinding the unsauced and recently grouted virgin coping!!
Sunday we moved the event to the huge Combi Pool, and watched as the skaters carved lines, threw amazing tricks and grinded hard all day!! Congratulations to Mike McGill  who ripped hard to take the win in the Masters 40 and over division! He arrived at the park late Saturday after a 3am late night in Montreal on Friday for a Bones Brigade show!! Travis Rivera from Spun Skateboards took the #1 spot again in the pool, having one of the best weekends of his life!! I have known Travis since he was 7 years old, and it was great to see him rise above this weekend to his finest moment!! Keep an eye out for him and all of the hot young skaters taking skateboarding to the next level!! Powell Peralta team rider Morgan Wolf from LA skated fast and hard to finish in 2nd, and 9 year old Hosoi team rider Evan Doherty from Kansas city, Mo, made history at the park by doing seven 540s in a row to take the 3rd spot! Next was the ladies finals and once again Lizzie Armanto had many great rides all day to take the #1 spot in the bowl. A well deserved 2nd place went to her good friend and travel companion Allysha Bergado, who improved from a 3rd place finish in the vert on Sat. 3rd place went to Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana who ripped hard both days and finished 2nd in the Vert comp on Sat!! It was a great vibe allutf-8IMG_6381 weekend for all of the girls who rode!! We finished off the weekend with a 12 minute jam session for the Pros in the Pool, and everyone was super stoked for 20 year old Spun team rider Josh Rodriguez who won the pro division!! He did many amazing lines and tricks, including a frontside bluntslide in the deep end of the round pool, f/s rock and roll board slide through the deep corner, backside and f/s smith grinds, varial lein, f/s boneless, b/s tail slide, and even a Mctwist just after the time ran out!!!! The crowd went wild!!! Thes also went wild for the 2nd place local ripper, Tony Marle!! He had many long runs, with big moves and great lines!! 3rd went to Micheal Brookman from Montclair, Ca who did many great runs, including b/s bluntslide in the round mid wall, kick flip indy, b/s ollitailgrabs, saran wrap body jars, etc... Congrats to locals Derek Scott and Bryce Stark for making it into the tough cut of the top 5 for the finals!! They both skated hard all weekend long!! World Cup travels all year long in search of local talent, and Colorado Springs had many amazing skaters that were stoked to be a part of our Concrete Bowl series!! Many of the locals said they look forward to competing in more WCS events!! A big thanks to Jono Schwan and the Sk8 Strong crew for making it all happen!! Also a big thanks to Bones, Supra, NHS, 17 skateboards, BC, OG extreme, Syndrom dist, Innovative construction, Coffee Exchange, Einstein bros bagels, Dutch Bros, Ethans room, Wyndham Grand, Rudy's BBQ, Josh and John's ice cream,Sherwin Williams. Also thanks to the hostess at the Fujiyama Sushi bar for giving our crew 8 free tickets for Janes Addiction on Sunday night!! What a fun way to finish off another great weekend on the ever amazing World Cup Skateboarding tour!! It feels like it's been the never ending summer of fun!! Let the good times keep on Rollin'!! Rock on, D.D.

RMR'12 Gallery here... Thanks to Aric Schwan for the pic!

RMR'12 Gallery 2 - Thanks to Nate McDonald