Siljeg, Partain, Armanto take the win in Oregon.

Skaters came as far away as Hawaii and Florida. There's no big prize purse, web cast, skate media but just a huge crew of raw northwest skateboard loving folks! No hype, no bull! In short is was a really fun day! The damn 15 and under skaters put on such a show the proved tough for the pros to duplicate! Difficult for the judges to decide but in the end, the top 3 went like this: Jake Selover 3rd, Griffin Chase 2nd and Kaden Campbell from Bishop, CA took the top honors.

Then there were the girls! Lizzie, Lizzie, LIzzie! Over the door?? Dave Duncan called a contest make! MIss Armanto put on such a show, Duncan couldn't help himself and proclaim her the winner before the scores were ever collected. However, the judges did agree, as 2nd went to Justyce Tabor and 3rd to Abby Zsarney.

Over the past 10 year, so many masters have made their presence at Trifecta. This year featured a small group of NW skaters over 40. Old Alva Team Rider, Chris Cook made the drive up from Pacifica, while Mike Rogers from Florida continued to represent for Sk8 for Cancer, He was so stoked to place 3rd and make $10 over what he paid for $40. Tom Kilroy drove out from Boise, ID and showed the locals how the Old Man Army throws down, while the ageless wonder, Mark Partain skated like a teen ager on his first ever road trip taking the win!

The day ended with a speed metal band playing some tunes while the lead singer sported a classic jock strap! You just can't deny the Northwest has a good time. Later that night everyone hit up the club, Plan B and we got there just in time to hear the Meat Men! What a great Fantastic Punk Rock Show they put on. They live the life and been doing it over 30 years!

Thanks to Choppy and crew! Many props to Pam Miller and Catherine Inouye for collecting the entry fees and arranging the prize purse as well as taking care of registration while Sector Nine provided tons of product as well as paying for the permit, insurance for the day and cost of the judges, etc. Jamey Prescott, the longest running supporter of Trifecta, with Skull Candy goodies in tow, continues to bring the love! Shout outs to Charlie Wilkins, now living in Portland, Steve O Brockway and MIke Taylor (Powell Peralta) for judging. I played compute geek for a day and did all the scoring.

I can't wait to see what Trifecta  11 has in store?


Don Bostick