Seaholm, Blair & Sablone win at Mystic 2012!

Dogtown team rider, Charlie Blair has been enjoying this month for his first time to Europe, holding it down on the #weouthere tour. After he wonCharlieBlair2 Marseille, he and Tyler and Austen came to Prague to hang with local Lukas Danek for a week, to celebrate and get a feel for the town. Meanwhile the rest of the WCS crew flew home to LA for the XGames. Then we hooked back up with Charlie and the crew in Prague, hung for a day then we flew to Uk where he won the WCS comp at the UK NASS  festival! We flew back to Prague where he ripped the bowl so hard all week  that he won another WCS comp again! Congratulations to him for winning 3 big WCS comps in Europe! The jam format is always a crazy free for all session, but Charlie rose to the top in the jam sessions to win   another WCS comp! 2nd place went to Alex Sorgente, who at 14 is already a veteran on the WCS European tour, since he has been on the  WCS Europe tour since he was 6! Congrats to Alex on a great year, which started by him ripping the Am Combi pool comp, and he also put on an amazing Mega-Ramp performance a few weeks ago at this years XGames! 3rd went to local Prague bowl ripper Martin Jurasek who flew around the bowl with speed, style, airs and some great switch moves. The bowl jams at Mystic are always legendary, and are always so action packed and with 3-5 skaters at once it gets really, really crazy!!! This years was one of the best ever!!
After the amazing criss crossing craziness of near misses and close calls in the heated bowl comp, everyone went back to the street course to watch the ladies comp. Leticia Bufoni was looking strong all session long with smooth stylish tricks and consistent skating, but when Alexis Sablone landed her switch kickflip drop to flat she nabbed the #1 spot. Alexis won the Gold this year at XGames, Leticia won UK so the battle was settled in Prague with Alexis taking the win, Leticia 2nd and Lacey Baker 3rd. Next up was the Men's street Finals with a 1 minute run followed by a 1 trick in order 5 minute jam with all 10 finalists.Ladies_podium12 Last years Mystic Cup winner Kelvin Hoefler was looking strong all week, but was trying tricks so hard that he had too many falss and had to settle for 6th. The 2010 Mystic winner was Prague local Maxim Habanec, who also looked good again and finished in 5th. Brazilian Roger Silva, who got 7th last year rose to the #4 position this year. 3rd went to Prague local Tomas Stejskal. He flys around fast with speed, power and style. Ryan DeCenzo from Vancouver Canada was here at Mystic for his first time and was enjoying every minute of it. He started off his jam with a solid kickflip from the biggest drop! That started him off on a roll that would help him stay solid and consistent enough to take 2nd place. On Saturday we took the winner of the qualifications, Austen Seaholm straight to Sundays finals. This confidence shined through during the finals with a perfect intro run, followed by his unique style and variety of tricks. He did a 360 flip to tail grab over the big launch jump, Lots of manual variatons and combos, noseslide to tailslide on the flatbar and a 360 flip to f/s nosepick on the 1/4, etc...!!!
Next was the best trick, where I gave Dollars for tricks, Many amazing tricks were landed to entertain the crowd while the results and awards show were getting ready. Ryan DeCenzo started it off by landing a f/s 360 off the biggest drop to flat. He then started trying it switch! Austen and Charlie both landed b/s 180 fingerflips to fakie over the big launch. Local Tomas Stejskal did a b/s big spin, f/s bigger spin, and a fakie kick flip all with fast speed and smooth style over the big pyramid! Diego Fiorese did a nollie heel flip to boardslide down the rail, and the new Flip team rider Alexander Risaud did a double flip over the centerpice as well. There were a few more tricks landed, but I was running out of cash quick, so we always take it to the classic big rail and stairs! I had 2 $100 bills left and within a few minutes, Maxim Habanec pulled a shuvit boardslide 1st try.AustenSeaholn3 Before I paid him I wanted to hold out to see if more difficult tricks would be landed. And they were! After about 10 minutes, Ruben Rodriguez landed a perfect switch frontside flip to flat after a few tries, so I gave him $100. After about 20 minutes of crazy trick attempts, I decided to give part of the $100 to Maxim, with him giving me a mix of Euros and Czech money worth about $50 bucks back, which eventually went to Rodrigo Leal for a perfect nollie flip to flat. Now it was time for the legendary awards show! A huge thanks to Tomas Reyman of Mystic skates for 18 years of one of many skaters and fans favorite events of the year! He always does a great awards show, complete with $30,000 in USD cash, Amazing Crystal cups, custom airbrushed Mystic decks and the Jagermeister girls to give out the bottles! After this the legedary Mystic Cup celebration party began! LIve bands, and the best local DJ's would keep everybody grovin' til the sun started to shine, which was about time to get some much needed rest after one of the funnest weekends ever!! Adding this to the 17 previous ones! I am already planning to come back to Prague next year for the 19th annual Mystic SK8 Cup! I hope to see you all there! Ciao, D.D.

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