Charlie Blair and Leticia Bufoni win at NASS!


Complete Relentless NASS '12 Results

Upon arriving we saw that the course build and design was amazing for a mix for Skate and BMX! We had over 40 top skaters from around the world, so we put 5-6 skaters per heat. Everyone got a 1 minute intro run followed by a 5 minute jam with all 5 at once all over the course. It was a great show for the crowd and plenty of time for the skaters to flow around the course. Most of the skaters were flying over the BMX jumps and 1/4 pipes with ease and style. Austen Seaholm qualified 1st after SaturdaysDSCN2479 event with his usual 360 flips nose picks, manuals to frontside rock, f/s flips over the hip, etc... Tomas Vintr was 2nd and Braulio Sagas 3rd. We took 19 skaters to meet up with last years winner Kelvin Hoffler for 20 skaters in Sundays Semis. After Sundays Semis it was Charlie Blair who qualified 1st into the finals! In the finals, Brazilian Diego Fiorese finished in 6th with a 360 flip to flat, f/s nose grind on the long flat bar to fakie, and a stylish bluntslide through the curved ledge. Jake Collins from Wales finished 5th by flying around the course including a Backside lipslide transfer from the 1/4 pipe to the 1/4 on top of the big steep bank. He also did a Backside boneless on it! Chris Oliver from UK always celebrates his birthday during the event, so it was great to see him skating great enough to finish 4th. He won this event a few years back, and has a unique approach to his style of skating. Like a bluntslide up the escalator ledge to grind down combo, cab over the spine, noseslide 270 out, and noseslide 270 shuv out. Joshua Young from UK flew all over the course with smooth skating all over the course including an ollie transfer over the biggest 1/4 pipe gap over the big start bank. A long and stylish frontside nosegrind on the 1/4 pipe, and frontside bluntslides all over the place. Sam Pulley from Wales finished in 2nd place by flying around the course with big airs and transfers. Riding the rails, landing flip tricks and finished the 10 minute jam session with a frontside blunt on the 1/4 on top of the big steep bank. The winner of the day was Charlie Blair! He qualified 1st in the semis and went on to land everything he wanted to in the finals. He did a big foot plant off the wall back in to fakie on a 1/4 pipe. A huge alley-oop nosebone frontside over the hip, a high kick flip to fakie on the 1/4, a sal flip to fakie on the 1/4, and a 360 flip to fakie on the 1/4. Charlie also got tech on the rails. He also did a frontside air/ kick flip to f/s grab over the hip in the center, and finished with a blunt to kickflip fakie on the 1/4 of the big steep bank! The crowd went nuts and everyone knew he just won! Everyone who came had a blast in the rain, and the mud, and finally the sunshine on the final day! Congratulations also to all of the skaters who got some of the 5,000 pounds cash money giveaway during the best trick session! Braulio Sagas won, Lukas Danek 2nd and Tyler Hendley tied for 3rd with Eric Thomas. There is always lots of crazy days and nights, with crazy music and crazy fans rocking crazy fashions!DSCN2550  A big thanks to all of the skaters, and to James Rodd and the Sportsvision crew for putting on a great event! Thanks to the WCS judges and crew, Nic Powley, Ben Powell, and all of the sponsors, Relentless, Santa Cruz, Indy, Flip Trix, Tech Deck, Lowlife and Sidewalk Skateboarding magazine. Everyone is looking forward to celebrating at the VIP tent party tonight, and many of the skaters all on the same flight to Prague tomorrow. Stay tuned for highlights from the 18th annual Mystic Cup next weekend! Safe travels and happy summertime to all. Rock on, D.D.