World Cup Skateboarding History

The “sport” of skateboarding has seen many changes over the years. Starting out as a way for surfers to keep in shape when there were no waves, it wasn’t long before skateboarding developed it’s own identity. From steel wheels to urethane wheels, loose ball bearings to modern sealed bearings, flat pieces of oak to laminated concaved kicked tail and kicked noses, wheelies to heel flips, from the streets to skateparks, local contest to World Cup events, skateboarding has stood the test of 40 years of change and is here to stay.

Don Bostick at Youth Olympic Games

2014 YOGWorld Cup Skateboarding is very proud to have WCS President and also ISF Vice President, Don Bostick, making the trip to Nanjing, China for the upcoming Summer Youth Olympics. Don will be there for the entire event working as the Event Delegate with ISF Representative, Johan Anderson from Sweden overseeing the daily activities of street and vert demos as well as skateboarding clinics.

Texas Vert Revival Video

Texas Vert Revival

vert revival posterThe rebirth of vertical skateboarding.

We are starting from the ground up . Vert will always have a place in skateboarding and I think taking it back to its roots is the best way to move forward. I  am so stoked on all the new breed that are doing it for the love of vertical! Vert has become too mainstream in the last decade , and that made it isolate itself from real skateboarding. Bringing it back to the shut up and skate era will get it back in touch. We are starting small but I believe this can grow into a amazing event in the future and hopefully have a domino effect on vert contests to come. I want to add pro/am and masters at the next one. Can't wait to see all you rippers skating this weekend. Good times to come.

Thanks to all involved
Mike crum