Texas Vert Revival

vert revival posterThe rebirth of vertical skateboarding.

We are starting from the ground up . Vert will always have a place in skateboarding and I think taking it back to its roots is the best way to move forward. I  am so stoked on all the new breed that are doing it for the love of vertical! Vert has become too mainstream in the last decade , and that made it isolate itself from real skateboarding. Bringing it back to the shut up and skate era will get it back in touch. We are starting small but I believe this can grow into a amazing event in the future and hopefully have a domino effect on vert contests to come. I want to add pro/am and masters at the next one. Can't wait to see all you rippers skating this weekend. Good times to come.

Thanks to all involved
Mike crum


SS14 skate podium photo Jaanus Ree Red Bull Content Poolfbc3baOn the evening before the Estonian Independence Day, the prizes of Europe's biggest BMX and skateboarding contest Simple Session were handed out in Tallinn, Estonia, with American skateboarder Greg Lutzka and the event's now four-time BMX champion Drew Bezanson from Canada winning first places.

For the complete story and results check out the Simple Session website

Lizzie and Allysha on top at Exposure!

Congrats to all the Ladies that participated at last weekend's Exposure comp at the YMCA in San Diego!

Big thanks to Amelia Brodka for putting together an amazing event!

Pro Vert Top 3 DSC5212 copy

1. Lizzie Armanto

2. Mimi Knoop

3. Allysha Bergado

Pro Bowl Top 3

1. Allysha Bergado

2. Lizzie Armanto

3. Julz Lynn

Am Vert Top 3

1. Arianna Carmonaallysha2

2. Poppy Olsen

3. Annika Vrkian

Am Bowl Top 3

1. Arianna Carmona

2. Annika Vrkian

3. Poppy Olsen


Big shout out goes to Arianna Carmona for be the Exposure 2013 overall winner!

Arianna wins a weeks free stay at Woodward West!


Complete Exposure Results here...

Gallery here... Courtesy of Dan Sparagna

Congratulations to Lizzie Armanto, Allysha Bergado and Arianna Carmona who all came away with wins at Exposure 2014! Female skaters traveled from all over the states, Brazil and Australia to enjoy this unique event held every year at the Mission Valley YMCA. It has a world class pool and an 80' wide XGames vert ramp! This girls only event was started by Amelia Brodka to help expose more fans to see how amazing the girls in 2014 can be! This year she has been premiering her movie UnderExposed to theaters nationwide with a great response, showing the history of girls skating and giving it a big push into the future!

Moscow World Cup

Local boy Egor Golubev takes the top spot at the Moscow World Cup edging out Czech Republic's Tomas Vintr and fellow Russian local Dima Dvoinishnikov.

Confirmed skaters...0winner


Top 5 Results

1. Egor Golubev

2. Tomas Vintr

3. Dima Dvoinishnikov

4. Dave Bachinsky

5. Diego Fiorese


Brad McClain wins the Hastings Battle!

The event was UNBELIEVABLE !!  I honestly don't know how it could have gone any better. The city is still buzzing and will be for some time to come.  It absolutely went off without a hitch. The skating was unreal, the weather was perfect, the crowd was huge, Renee Renee returned to emcee for the first time since the bowl jam at Slam 05 and best of all - NOBODY GOT HURT.

There was story lines throughout the day too. Especially the hometown love everybody showed McCrank and Sluggo. Standing ovations for both. Or the fact that a sponsorless 18 yr old local named James Clarke beat out a long list of heavies to take 3rd.

We started right at 1pm and wrapped up at 6pm on the dot.   We ran 5 qualifying heats of 5 skaters. Everyone got 4 runs and a score out of 100. First wall rebate rule was in effect.

There were 5 judges.  Each judge added up their 4 run scores per rider and came up with an average. From there high and low were thrown out to give us a top 10 final.

Each skater again received 4 runs each in the finals. On their final run, we were more than generous with rebates as there were people pulling out insane tricks that simply had to be landed!

Top 10 resultsHastings WEB-copy

1 Brad McClain $6,000
2 Cody Lockwood $3,000
3 James Clark $1,500
4 Adam Hawkins $1,000
5 Steve Reeves $600
6 Rob Boyce $300
7 Sky Siljeg $250
8 Frank Shaw $250
9 Riley Boland
10 Rick McCrank

We gave out an additional $2000 for best tricks on two different obstacles that were provided by Supra Distribution and Ultimate Distribution.

There was also a private company  (BC MEA)  that donated $1000 in honor of Josh Evin for a winner take all best trick over the volcano hip that Josh used to rip like no other.  That obstacle was won by Charlie Blair.

There should be video and photos coming out of this by tomorrow. I'll pass those links on to you as they come.
 If you go to #bah4 on instagram there's a 100+ event photos up already and more every day.