Sorgente, Cab and Julz on top at TMB'13...

Congratulations to Alex Sorgente, Steve Caballero and Julz Lynn on taking the top spots at this year's 15th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial at the Lake Cunningham DSC4338 copy Skatepark. Thanks to all those that came out to celebrate the life of our friend Tim Brauch.



1. Alex Sorgente

2. Joshua Rodriquez

3. Austyn Poynter

  DSC4324 copy


1. Steve Caballero

2. Brian Patch

3. Lester Kasai

  DSC4242 copy


1. Julz Lynn

2. Allysha Bergado

3. Sara Thompson


TMB '13 complete Results Click here...

TMB '13 Gallery Click here... Courtesy of Dan Sparagna 

TMB '13 Gallery Click here... Courtesy of Lee Leal

Chris Russell wins rain soaked Ultra Bowl 5.

Congrats to Chris Russell for the win at this years Ultra Bowl 5. We had some major issues's with weather throughout the weekend. But in the end, a good time was had by all! Thanks to John Magnusson, Erik Lofvander and all Skate Malmo crew for putting on such a geat event!

Final Results
Pro/AmUB5 web-copy
1. Chris Russell
2. Fernando Bramsmark
3. Oskar Rozenberg Hallberg
4. Josh Borden
5. Mason Merlino
6. Danny Leon
7. Willis Kimbel
8. Bjorn Lillesoe

Masters Pool Session
1. Nicky Guerrero
2. Mark “Red” Scott
3. Jocke Olson

1. Trey Wood
2. Osvald Harrysson
3. Ivan Federico

“Get Set Go” Girls
1. Amelia Brodka
2. Emma Fastesson Lindgren
3. Alana Smith

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Rocky Mountain Rampage!

Congratulations to all of the top skaters at the 2nd annual Rocky Mountain Rampage in Colorado Springs!RMR13

A few years back the Team Pain crew built a huge world class skatepark here, and last year The Sk8 Strong crew helped to coordinate a massive vert ramp and mini. The fresh air at 6,000 feet and the green trees with the Rocky Mountains in the back drop make this a beautiful setting for a great World Cup event!

Men's Pro Bowl Top 3

1. Joshua Rodriquez

2. Jonathan Schwanwinners

3. Alex Sorgente

Master's Bowl Top 3

1. Eddie El Gato Elguera

2. Mike McGill

3. Jed Fuller

Ladies Pro Bowl Top 3

1. Julz Lynn

2. Lizzie Armanto

3. Allysha Bergado


Complete results here...

Gallery here... Courtesy of Nate Mcdonald

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Kelvin Hoefler on top at Adrenalin Games!

Congrats to Brazil's Kelvin Hoefler for taking the win at last weekend's Adrenalin Games in Moscow, Russia. Kelvin put it all together to edge out Tomas Vintr and Alex Mizurov. Check back for complete results and updated wrap up story.00winners

Men's Street Top 6

1. Kelvin Hoefler         BRA
2. Tomas Vintr            CZE
3. Alex Mizurov           GER
4. Samu Karvonen      FIN
5. Maxim Kruglov        RUS
6. Sasha Sedov          RUS


AG'13 Gallery here... Courtesy of Ana Paula Negrao


Danny Leon takes the win at NASS 2013!


Danny Leon from Madrid, Spain takes top spot at the NASS 2013 World Cup Skateboard comp winning 5,250 GBP! He was nearly flawless as he did tricks all over the course during the 15 minute Final jam.

0podium NASS13


Pro Street Top 5

1. Danny Leon

2. Kelvin Hoefler

3. Diego Fiorese

4. Dennis Lynn

5. Tomas Vintr


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Gallery here...

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