Leticia & Pedro win at X Games!

World Cup Skateboarding is happy to congratulate the WCS # 1 Ranked Girls Street Skater of 2010 to 2012, Leticia Bufoni and the  WCS #1 Ranked Bowl Skater of 2010 to  2012, Pedro Barros for both winning their events at the X Games in Foz do Iquacu, Brazil. Nice job!

You can see Letica Buffoni at the next Girls WCS Girls Street competition,  Far' N High in France, May 31 to June 2. Check out Pedro Barros at the WCS Sanctioned Vans Pool Party in Orange, CA, May 11, 2013.

Pedro on top at Red Bull Skate Generation

If you didn't get a chance to watch the live web cast on Sunday, well then you missed out on one of the most amazing bowl events of the year.

There were 4 individual events of Legends, Master's, Pro's and Am's, with the top 6 in each division making it to a team for the Sunday Team bash.

Pro Top 6Sk8Gen

1. Pedro Barros

2. Filipe Caltabiano "Foguinho"

3. Sandro Dias

4. Murilo Peres

5. Omar Hassen

6. Joshua Rodriques

Legend Top 6

1. Christian Hosoi

2. Eddie Elguera

3. Steve Alba

4. James LuizMV4M14811

5. Luiz Roberto

6. Marco Aurelio

Master Top 6

1. Carlos Eduardo Braz

2. Lenardo Barbosa

3. Marco Cruz

4. Mauro Abreu Femandez

5. Sergie Ventura

6. Miguel ZafariMV4M13541

Am Top 6

1. Vinicious Goetzke

2. Fabio Junqueira Reis

3. Tristen Rennie

4. Caique Silve

5. Augusto Akio Santos

6. Alan Resende Dos Santos


Complete results here...

Gallery here... Pics courtesy of Heverton Ribeiro

Simple Session

As usual, the capital of Estonia - Tallinn, was hosting one of the biggest european skateboard/bmx events of the year, the famous simpleSimple Session. This week, Risto and Mario Kalmre, who have been organising this event since day one, decided to do the event in the second half of March, which should be promising warmer weather, due to the upcoming spring season in Europe. Winter hit Europe pretty strong this year and even during the event, it was way below freezing temperatures (-22celsius / -13fahrenheit). Luckily, everything is located inside the Tallinn ice hockey stadium, so the contest can happen in any weather conditions...

Final Top 3

1. Max Kruglov

2. Kelvin Hoefler

3. Tim Zom

Complete results here...


1 Tim Zom           - gap ollie to backside noseblunt
2 Kelvin Hoefler   - bigspin frontside blunt
3 Diego Fiorese   - switch 270 backside lipslide

Amateur Combi Pool Party '13 was gnarly!!!!!!

Today's Amateur Combi Pool Party was OFF the chart! There's a new crop of concrete killers on the raise, and today's event at the Vans Skate Park in Orange showed that full force! Congrats goes out to all the upcoming rippers! In the 14 & under division, Coery Juneau put some amazing runs together to edge out Toby Gummeson and Braden Stelma for the top trophy. In the 15 & over divison, Tristan Rennie edge out Collin Graham and Cory Juneau for top spot. Super congrats goes out to Tristan as he has won a free trip to compete at the Skate Generation comp in April at Pedro Barros' pool in Florianopolis, Brazil. Courtesy of Red Bull.DSC0025

14 & under Top 5

1. Cory Juneau

2. Toby Gummeson

3. Braden Stelma

4. Morgan Wolf

5. Kiko Francisco


15 & over Top 5tristan3

1. Tristan Rennie

2. Collin Graham

3. Cory Juneau

4. Clay Freiner

5. Justin Rivera


Complete Results here...

vans combiGallery 1 here - Pics courtesy of Dan Sparagna

Gallery 2 here - Pics Courtesy of Paxton Bowman

Gallery 3 here - Pics Courtesy of Jon Hermison

Watch the finals highlight video below...

Pedro and Nicky on top in Bondi!

Congratulations to Brazilian Pedro Barros on defending his Bowl a Rama Bondi crown by edging out American Bucky Lasek and Danishman Rune Gliffberg.BondiBAR13
Pedro is proving one again that he is the man to beat on the 2013 Concrete Bowl world tour.

On the Masters side, a BIG congrats goes out to Danishman Nicky Guerrero for unseating American Steve Caballero for the first time in many years for the top spot.

This year's Bowl a Rama Bondi was for sure the best yet! Thanks to all the skaters that come out and made it such a special week of fun! A big shout out to the crews at Frondise Events, Vans, Mountain Dew, Huawei, Surf Dive-n-Ski, Fuel, Beach Road Hotel, Jeds Food store, Penny, Rekorderlig, Peugot, Beach Buritto, Boardworld, John Fox, The Bowl Rats, Fabi, Nik T and all the others locals that helped to make the event such a huge success!Bowl-A-Rama-2013-59F


1. Pedro Barros

2. Bucky Lasek

3. Rune Glifberg

4. Josh Stafford

5. Sam Becket



1. Nicky Guerrero

2. Steve Caballero

3. Eddie "El Gato" Elguera

4. Pat Ngoho

5. Christian Hosoi


Best Trick

Ben Hatchell

Complete results here...

Gallery here... Thanks to Dean Tirkot


Watch the taped broadcast below...

Live stream videos at Ustream


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