Sorgente, Ngoho on top at Hurley ABC!

It was truely an amazing day of skating at he Hurley Australian Bowlriding Championships in Newcastle.0IMG 7201

Congrats to all the skaters that came out to participate, have fun and share the love of skateboarding!

Men's Top 3

1. Alex Sorgente     3700 AUD

2. Josh Stafford      2500

3. Jack Fardell        1500

Master's Top 3

1. Pat Ngoho         2000 AUD

2. Adam Luxford    1500ABC13large

3. Lester Kasai      1000


1. Keegan Palmer

2. Jakob Robinson

3. Luke Russell

Ladies Am

1. Poppy Olsen

2. Jordyn Barratt

3. Sabre Norris

Complete Hurley ABC'13 results here...

Gallery here... Thanks to Dean Tirkot

A truly historic moment for Australia and the skate scene as Lizzie Armanto qualified for the finals for the first time ever in a PRO open division finals. She ripped it up and came in at 8th place, pulling the boys into line at the Hurley Australian Bowl-riding Championships.

Bamm! Pedro Barros!

Congrats to Pedro Barros for taking the top spot at the Maresia Vert Jam in Rio de Janeiro this past weekend.FS15181 copy Pedro is not only the one of the best bowl skaters in the world, but he is also proving that he is a force on the flat vert wall as well...

Men's Top 5

1. Pedro Barros     12,500 BRL

2. Romy Gomes    9,500

3. Mitchie Brusco  7,500

4. Bob Burnquist   5,500

5. Jono Schwan    4,500


LadiesFS14947 copy

1. Karen Jones

2. Renata Pachinni

3. Boa Sodre


Red Bull Slick Trick

Andy Macdonald - Kick flip 540 Melon grab


Complete results here...

Gallery here...

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Lizzie Armanto 2012 WCS Ladies Bowl Champ!

Congrats to Lizzie Armanto for taking the #1 ranking in the 2012 Ladies PRO Bowl series!Lizzie2012


Lizzie received her fine trophy this past weekend during the Girls Combi Classic in Orange, CA.


Ladies like Lizzie are taking concrete bowl skating to the next level.


Look for her to be ripping in 2013!


Click here for more about Lizzie


Photo courtesy of Don Brown

Girls Combi Pool Classic '13 was Amazing!

If you didn't make it to the Vans skate park today to watch the Girls Combi Classic '13. Girlscombi13Well, then you missed out for sure! Some serious ripping went down today. The progression of the girls on the concrete is pretty amazing. There's a big bag of talent out there. Congrats to all the girls that skated today!


1. Arianna Carmona

2. Poppy Starr

3. Jordyn Barratt

Div 2

1. Nora Vasconcellos

2. Lizzie Armanto DSC8994

3. Julz Lynn

Div 3

1. Karen Jonz

2. Katherine Folsom

3. Jean Rusen


Complete GCPC'13 results here...

GCPC'13 Gallery here... Thanks to Dan Sparagna 


The law. It was etched in concrete. It spells out VANS in big red letters. Let there be no confusion out there. VANS has been supporting the skateboard world since the very beginning and they stepped it up again this year for the Girls Combi Pool Classic. The law was in effect. Dave Duncan and World Cup Skateboarding ran a tight show. Duncan issued the mandate: Skateboarding. Steve Caballero, Sasha Steinhorst and Christian Hosoi judged and interpreted the law. I looked around and saw quite a bit of pink colored clothing and griptape. DSC9017 The Buzzcocks echoed through the building. Banners called out from everywhere. Vitamin Water, Vans, Hoopla, Movie Tickets.Com, Independent, Nixon, Powell Peralta, Silly Girl and Poseidon were among the sponsors that believe –as I do — that girls have a place in skateboarding. They put their money where their mouth is.  Lisa Whitaker of the Girls Skate Network was on hand to film everything. Cara Beth Burnside was on the deck, providing encouragement and OG status. Familiar faces. Familiar stoke.

2012 WCS Final rankings are in....

Congrats to Kelvin Hoefler, Leticia Bufoni, Andy Macdonald, Pedro Barros, Pat Ngoho and Lizzie Armanto for taking the #1 Ranking in their respective divisions for the 2012 season!

Below are links to the overall Rankings for 2012....


Men's Pro STREET 2012 Final Rankings

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Men's Pro BOWL 2012 Final Rankings

Master's Pro BOWL 2012 Final Rankings

Ladies' Pro BOWL 2012 Final Rankings

Am 15 & under Bowl Final Rankings

Master's Bowl....

In posting the masters bowl rankings, we soon learned of a couple oversights that needed to be corrected. First, the Marseille event was a Tier 1 competition and only received half points. Second, Steve Caballero brought to our attention that he had only skated one international event, the Bondi Bowl A Rama. In our rules, it states that in order to earn #1 ranking, a skater must skate in two international events. The corrections have been made and we are happy to announce Pat Ngoho as the Number 1 Masters Bowl Skater for 2012.

Our sincere apologies to all concerned!

Don Bostick
President WCS