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We are raising money for her recent medical bills!


If you're in the Fontana area on Dec 8th,

Make sure to come by the Fontana 2 skatepark to show you support!

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Location is...

Fontana II Skatepark

5553 Lytle Creek Rd

Fontana, CA 92336

CX Open in Beijing!

I was invited by the Chinese Extreme Sports Association to visit the CX Open in Beijing, China over the past weekend. It's the largest Action Sports event in China in it'sIMG_2993 13th year. Featuring Skateboarding, BMX Freestyle and Aggressive Inline Skating. This year the event was held inside the famous Olympic Venue, the Bird's Nest.

I arrived in Beijing on a direct flight from San Francisco on Friday evening, happy to find Eric waiting for me. He informed me on the drive to the hotel that the event schedule had changed because of the forecast of rain on Saturday, so the skateboarding prelims were going on at that very moment. I was pretty bummed, but not as bummed as some of the skaters, I was to learn later. Turns out the skateboarders knowing that they weren't supposed to skate until Saturday, all made plans to go visit the Great Wall of China. As they were in a van about to depart, they got the word that the contest was going to happen within the hour. A little panic and a little jet lag made for concern on how they were all going to skate.IMG_3031 Since the promoter flew everyone in and had set them up in a great hotel, they switched gears and made it to the venue to skate in very cold conditions on a course that had only minutes of practice on. In the end, Manny Santiago qualified first, with local Chinese skater in second, followed by Tomas Vintr from Czech Republic. 4 other skaters made it as well. Sorry, but the start list and results were not available at the time of writing this. I did learn that Felix Arguelles just missed the cut as well as Brazilian, Tulio de Oliveira.

Nyjah, Sheckler take the win at SF Dew Tour!

The iconic street course inspired by San Francisco's historic skate spots attracted a whole slew of new skaters to Dew Tour's Toyota City Championships making for a contest that will long be remembered by all who skated, watched and especiall by those who missed it as these replicated spots mimic those that have shaped early street skating into what it is today - most of which are no longer around in their original state if at all.

Congrats to Nyjah Huston for taking the top podium spot today. Nyjah skated with amazing tech and consistancy to edge out the rest of the field for the $40,000 top spot and proving one again that he is probably one of the best skaterboarders on the planet.0StreetPodium1_SasherPics

Street Top 5

1. Nyjah Huston     $40,000

2. Torey Pudwell    $20,000

3. Paul Rodriquez   $10,000

4. Milton Martinez   $7,000

5. Filipe Gustavo     $5,000

Harrison Street was the center of attention today at the Dew Tour Toyota City Championships.  The debut of the progressive Streetstyle disciplines shut down three city blocks, turning them into a skater's dream downhill set-up of makeshift ramps and rails.  Ryan Sheckler’s first run gave him the top score of the day, including a stylish backside lipslide down the rail and a frontside 360 indy up the step-up.  However, spectators on the packed sidewalks were held insuspense as each skater closed in on his score.  Milton Martinez wowed the crowd with his last run, pulling out a close second place score that threatened Sheckler’s standing in the final minutes.  David Gravette rounded out the podium in third place.0StreetStyle-podium

Street Style Top 5

1. Ryan Sheckler    $20,000

2. Milton Martinez   $10,000

3. David Gravette    $7,000

4. Ryan Decenzo     $4,000

5. David Gonzalez   $3,000


Complete results here...

Gallery here...

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Pedro & Lance win the 1st Annual NYC BAR!

Congrats to Brazilian phenom Pedro Barros for taking the win at the 1st annual Vans Bowl a Rama NYC._Bowlarama-338 Pedro is proving that he is the man to beat on the concrete tour as he has won every comp this year! On the Masters side, congrats goes out to veteran Lance Mountain who put some amazing skating together to take the win over his fellow legends. Also want to give a shout out to George Orton for taking the Spirit of Andy Kessler award!

Pros Top 5

1. Pedro Barros      $6000

2. Alex Sorgente     $4000

3. Ben Hatchell       $2500

4. Kevin Kowalski   $2000

5. Mike Owen         $1800


Masters Top 5_KSC8524

1. Lance Mountain   $6000

2. Steve Caballero   $3000

3. Eddie Elguera      $1500

4. Christian Hosoi    $1400

5. Mike McGill          $1300


Complete results here...

Gallery here... Thanks to Thomas Rowe & Michael Goetz

Checkout the video...

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Hatchell wins the China Open!

Congrats to Ben Hatchell for taking the win at the 1st annual China Open.IMG_2436

Top 3

1. Ben Hatchell    $5000 USD

2. Keiron Brodie  $2000 USD

3. Johnny Boy     $1000 USD


I was invited by Chinese Extreme Sports Association to the China Open Street competition in Hu Zhou, a couple hours north of Shanghai.  I was asked to do a presentation on Action Sports and a talk about Judging international competitions at a technical seminar. I was pleasantly surprise to learn that Peter Smolik and Ben Hatchell were also invited to skate in the competition.  All worked out pretty well, as Ben ended up winning the contest.