Rocky Mountain Rampage!

Congrats to all that came out to participate in this first annual event in Colorado Springs!Aric_Jonno_Rampage12_SasherPics

Mens Bowl

1. Joshua Rodriguez

2. Tony Marle

3. MIchael Brookman

4. Derek Scott

5. Bryce Stark

Mens Vert

1. Jonathan Schwan

2. Zachary RoseProPodium_Rampage12_SasherPics

3. Marcelo Bastos

4. Joshua Rodriguez

5. MIchael Brookman

Masters Bowl

1. Mike McGill

2. Curt Baker

3. Robert EhlersMastersPodium_Rampage12_SasherPics

4. Rob Miller

5. Tom Kilroy

Womens Bowl

1. Lizzie Armanto

2. Allysha Bergado

3. Lyn-Z PastranaLadiesPodium_Rampage12_SasherPics

4. Justyce Tabor

5. Amelia Brodka

Womens Vert

1. Lizzie Armanto

2. Lyn-Z Pastrana

3. Allysha BergadoRMP12poster

4. Amelia Brodka

5. Nicole Noller

Complete Results here...

Colorado has been a hot spot for skateboarding for many years. Lots of great skateparks and beautiful mountains and green trees! Thanks to Jono Schwan and the Sk8 Strong crew for bringing the World Cup Skateboarding tour to Colorado Springs for the first annual Rocky Mountain Rampage event. Team Pain built a world class skatepark here 3 years ago with hopes of one day doing  a world class event. A few weeks ago there was a grand opening for the new Vert ramp brought here from the Denver ESPN park and rebuilt by Brad from Innovative Construction Inc.

Brad McClain was ON fire at Ultra Bowl IV!

Congrats to Brad McClain for taking the win at Ultra Bowl IV in Malmo, Sweden!ultrabowl4

What an amzing weekend of skatng under the Swedish summer sun! This years Ultra Bowl saw some of the most amazing skating yet!  Big "Thanks" goes out to John Magnusson and Erik Lofvander from Bryggeriet, The City of Malmo, and all the skaters that showed up to make it an unforgettable weekend!


Pro Results

1. Brad McClain               2200 €

2. Fernando Bramsmark  2000 €

3. Kevin Kowalski            1800 €

4. Cody Lockwood           1500 €

5. Josh Borden                1000 €

6. Oskar Hallberg              700 €

7. Greyson Fletcher0ProPodium_UltraBowl4_SasherPics          500 €

8. Mason Merlino              300 €


Masters Results

1. Matthias Sernklo           1000 €

2. Nicky Guerrero               800 €

3. Mark Scott                      600 €

4. Sean Goff                       400 €


Ultra Bowl IV Gallery here... Thanks to Maria Libirta & SasherPics

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