Siljeg, Partain, Armanto take the win in Oregon.

concrete seriesCongrats to Sky Siljej, Mark Partain and Lizzie Armanto for taking the top spots at this weekends Oregon Trifecta...

Mens Pro Bowl Top 3

1. Sky Siljeg

2. Josh Rodriquez

3. Rion Linderman

Masters Pro Bowl Top 3

1. Mark Partain

2. Tom Kilroy

3. Mike Rogers

Ladies Pro Bowl Top 3

1. Lizzie Armanto

2. Justyce Tabor

3. Abby Zsarney


Complete results here...

The Oregon Trifecta Celebration, went off today at Pier Park! Dave Duncan was on fire! I have to say, that you if you have only heard Dave at a TV event, you're missing the real Double D in all his Glory. He truly showed the crowd today why he has earned the name, the "Voice of Skateboarding!" The 10th year for the Trifecta, many skaters only today, had the realization that they had spent the past decade being a part of skateboarding history in the Northwest! Rion Linderman proudly responded when asked how many Trifectas have you skated in, " All of them!" For the followers of Trifecta, we remember how a little skinny kid of 8 years old lost a front tooth in his first Trifecta 10 years ago at Lincoln City. He was in with the big boys and lost in the open jam to a full on body slam to face. Well, that little kid won the comp today and now stand 6 feet tall with a Trifecta Championship under his belt, his name: Sky Siljeg!2nd place skater, Josh Rodriguez need medical attention, but shrugged it off and continued to skate with a band aid holding his chin together.

Seaholm, Blair & Sablone win at Mystic 2012!

Oh my! What a crazy weekend of skating here at the Mystic Cup in Prague, Czech Republic!MSC_2012_posterLOW

Congrats to Austen Seaholm, Charlie Blair and Alexis Sablone.

Mens Street Top 5

1. Austen Seaholm         $6000 USD

2. Ryan Decenzo            $3000 USD

3. Tomas Stejskal            $2000 USD

4. Roger Silva                 $1200 USD

5. Maxim Habanec          $1000 USD


Mens Bowl Top 5

1. Charlie Blair               $2000 USDIMG_2964-copy

2. Alex Sorgente            $1100 USD

3. Martin Jurasek           $800   USD

4. Danny Leon               $400   USD

5. Dannie Carlsen          $500   USD


Ladies Street Top 5

1. Alexis Sablone          $2000 USDKelvinHoelfer 

2. Leticia Bufoni            $1100 USD

3. Lacy Baker                $800   USD

4. Aura Bredart              $500  USD

5. Vanessa Torres         $400   USD


Complete Mystic Sk8 Cup '12 Results here....

MSC 2012 - FINAL EDIT from Mystic Skates on Vimeo.

The 18th annual Mystic Sk8 Cup was another amazing week in Prague! There is something about this event that puts it on the top of everyones list for the classic European style skate festival! Ask anyone who has ever gone, and they will tell you it is always one of the best skate events ever! And everyone who was there this year said it was the best Mystic Cup ever! So now I hope to see you all there next year! There is something mystical and magical about this event that makes it special.

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Charlie Blair and Leticia Bufoni win at NASS!

Congrats to Charlie Blair and Leticia Bufoni for taking the top spots at the Relentless NASS '12.

2012 was the 3rd year that WCS has been a part of the long running Relentless NASS Action sports and music festival! This event gets better every year, and this was definitely the best year yet.


Mens Top 6

1. Charlie Blair         8,000 GBP

2. Sam Pulley          4,000 GBP

3. Joshua Young      2,250 GBP

4. Chris Oliver          1,000 GBP

5. Jake Collins           800 GBP

6. Diego Fiorese        600 GBPCharlie_Leticia


Ladies Top 5

1. Leticia Bufoni         $1000 USD

2. Lacy Baker             $400

3. Alexis Sablone      $200

4. Emma Fastesson

5. Lucy Adams