Baltic Games


Prize purse:

1500 euros

Event Format:

2, 1-minute runs- best run count
Quali: 3 riders in 1 heat
Semi: 2 riders in 1 heat
Final: individual runs + "ender trick" (3 tries). The best trick- choose by the judges of the all landed tricks

Skatepark address:

Plac Zebrań Ludowych, street: Generała Antoniego Giełguda, 80-001 Gdańsk (it is city centre- 1,2 km from main train station)


-Gdańsk Rebiechowo GDA (Port Lotniczny im. Lecha Wałęsy- Gdańsk ) - 14 km from skatepark
-Bydgoszcz BZG - 2,5h to Gdańsk by train
-Warsaw Modlin - 4h to Gdańsk by train
-Warsaw F. Chopin WAW - 3,5h to Gdańsk by train

From airport in Gdańsk you can get to skatepark:
- in 35 min by bus number: 210 (direction Gościnna) bus stop next to skatepark: Cmentarz Garnizonowy
- in 20 min by taxi (cost around 15euros)


Official riders hotel:

Hotel Gryf 5-7min per a walk from skatepark - double room- around 55 euros

Other hotels:

Ibis hotel 2km from skatepark- double room around 55 euros

Stay Inn hotel- 2km from skatepark- double room around 50 euros

Mercure - 1km from skatepark- double room around 65 euros



Luiza Iśka Sitarska:

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phone number: +48 517 47 47 70 and WhatsApp


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