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T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds

Nov 29-30, 2008
Berlin, Germany
Invitational Men's Street and Vert
Total of $20,000 USD

While you all were enjoying Thanksgiving with your families the WCS crew and a fun bunch of invited riders were feasting on good times with good friends in a very cold Berlin, Germany for the 2nd annual 2008 T-Mobile Extreme Playgrounds Arena event. Street and Vert Skaters battled it out all weekend in a unique and exciting head to head format.

Rock the Cradle for Johnny Romano Memorial Contest

This very special event was held in the honor of the 10 year old Texas skateboarder Johnny Romano who had battled cancer for many years and passed away just a few months ago. He and his family have been an inspiration to many people for many years. World Cup Skateboarding was very honored to be involved with such history making event. Adding to many years of Skate history in Texas. The event was held at the amazing new Lee and Joe Jamail skatepark located right in downtown Houston.

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