Martin Karas

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MartinKaras SF downhill ollie photoMlika webName: Martin Karas


Born: 29. April 1978

Lives: Prague, Czech Republic

My name is Martin Karas and I started skateboarding in the summer of 1992 in Czech Republic. This was thanks to my schoolmate and good friend Vladimir Velensky who was already skating with his older brother.  Thanks to Vladimir I have got my first real board – a Real skateboards board, cracked trucks and micro wheels with flat spots. But this was a great and super enjoyable beginning and I am very thankful for it happened this way.

In the following years I was lucky enough to have the chance to go to the USA – San Diego, California. The first time in 1994. This is when I have first experienced skateboarding from some big names of the time on my own eyes and have seen some spots known to people in Eastern Europe only from skateboard videos on copies of VHS tapes. This was a great experience and inspiration for me.

Coming back to Czech Republic, it was a great motivation to move things forward and do it a little different than before. I have teamed up with Tomas Rejman, the owner of Mystic Skates and the promoter of Mystic Skate Cup to help him with the newly established Czech Skateboard Cup series and Mystic Skate Cup – the first World Cup Skateboarding event in central and eastern Europe. Mystic Skate Cup became really huge worldwide and I have met and seen some amazing skateboarding and people at it.  I was working on it for 19 years.

During those times I have founded a skateboard company called Impact Skateboards - together with my long time friend and a great skateboarder - Tomas Vyhnanek. The purpose of the company was to bring fresh air to the Czech skateboard scene, do things better and a bit different from what was currently going on here. Main task was to help young talented skaters by supporting them to skate as they needed and potentially make it to the skateboard world outside of our country.

While working on those projects I was also taking care of Volcom clothing in Czech Republic and Slovakia. After that I was working with Nike SB Europe in the same territory. This was a great experience too. It showed me a lot and gave me a deeper understanding on how things work in the skateboarding business.

Recently I have been working as the WCS – Global Events Director where I am taking care of the scoring system, judges and judging at the various events,  media promotion and organization of the events on the European continent such as Far’N’High event in Paris, France, O’Marisquino in Vigo, Spain, Adrenalin Games in Moscow, Russia.  It is a great opportunity to work with a great team of people and amazing events in different countries!!

I was also fortunate to participate and be part of the Street League events as one of the judges. Huge thanks for this experience goes to Don Bostick, Rob Dyrdek and Shawn Seward!!

I would like to thank: Don and Danielle Bostick from WCS, Steve “Shrewgy” Ruge, Dave Duncan,  Oli Buergin and Ruedi Matter, Jascha Muller,  O.G. Paps, Zdenek Mlika, Ivan “Zobak” Pelikan, Javier Sarmiento, Chris Senn, Rodolfo “Gugu” Ramos, Petr Smolik,  Pat Duffy, Tim Zom,  Carlos “Pity” Dominguez, Christophe Piquard, Martin and David – my brothers from P-Town, Tomas Vyhnanek, Pete Vlcan, LRG Europe – Christian Welther and all my friends that I met around the world and who stayed with me through the good and bad times of my life!


Martin Karas Stvanice Aug 2015