Oli Buergin

OliBuergin Swiss WCS Bio bluntBsOutName: Oli Buergin
Country: Switzerland

Born in Basel, Switzerland 1973, started skateboarding in 1985, took a break for about two years to ride BMX and then got back into skating. Been hooked to all aspects of skateboarding ever since. In 1992 I started working for Vertical Skateramps and got to travel all over Europe for contests and demos.

Around 1995 i met Pierre Andre Senizergues and Don Brown and got to establish the European teams for etnies, éS and Emerica over the next few years. Aside from working with the riders i supported Ruedi Matter who was responsible for the etnies European Open, the Basel European Skateboard Championships and other Sole Technology backed events in Europe. From 2008 to 2010 i was the main organiser of the European Skateboard Championships in Basel.

Nowadays i am still the team manager for etnies Europe and i work on other projects such as the Port Land DIY in Basel and designing and building concrete skateparks.

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